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FDA Gives Pfizer Vaccine Full Approval

FDA is a U.S.-based drug regulator who came up with the approval of the Pfizer vaccine on 23rd August 2021. Pfizer is a COVID-19 vaccine developed with the combined efforts of Pfizer Inc., and BioNTech S.E. President Joe Biden praised this news and urged the people to trust the vaccine, start taking this Pfizer vaccine and fight the pandemic. The approval of the vaccine was announced by the Pentagon office. As the news spread, N.Y. City schools and others asked to start the vaccination at their schools and colleges. 

The FDA is a Food and Drug Administration authority and has given a green signal to this vaccine after many clinical trials and reviews. As per the government, the vaccine is fully safe and sound for usage and can be used by people above 16 years of age. All the trials and test results are produced out in the open, showing effective and safe outcomes. 

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The Pfizer vaccine is a two-dose shot and was in the news for a long time back. But, the complete approval has come now, and the public health officials are trying their best to convince the people to start the awareness about the same. The company officials and employers are advised to motivate the Pfizer vaccination and make it mandatory. As per the quote of President Biden,” I call out to companies in the private sector to come forward and let us know vaccine requirements”. He also assured them that all the requirements would be fulfilled no matter how big they are. The government and medical agencies involved in the vaccine development and distribution work day and night to meet the demands. 

We are seeing that the government is very eagerly trying to assure citizens that the vaccine is safe. The reason behind this is that it was approved last year on a sudden basis. There were not enough trials and testing done at that time to prove the authenticity of the COVID-19 vaccine. Hence, it created a lot of questions and provided huge space for confusion and doubts. Now, the government is coming up with proof that the Pfizer vaccine is tested on all parameters and passed every one of them. The major highlight of the Pfizer vaccine is that it can be used on younger generations as well. Every 16 year old is allowed to get vaccinated. 

The FDA and U.S. health officials hope that these actions will convince the nation, and huge demand for the vaccination supply will come soon. The bulk production and distribution are already in motion. This vaccine will be made mandatory for the military officers of the U.S. Along with that, the departments like education, private sector, industrialists, school employees, etc., will also have to follow the mandate to allow the vaccination. 

The FDA also mentioned that the Pfizer vaccine had been successfully given to millions of people, and no case of casualty or any issue is reported. The vaccine is safe for everyone. The duration between the two shots has been extended from 6 months to 9 months. Although some side effects and minor problems are noticed in some cases, that’s with all other available vaccines. The U.S. citizens should now take this news seriously and start vaccinating the younger generations on priority.



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