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Few days for Diwali and this video of a woman wearing LED saree goes viral again!

Well, the festival of lights is celebrated with much excitement every single year and we have been waiting for Diwali for so long now. Finally, in just a few days, the festival begins and people lighting up their homes and surroundings have already started now. We have always seen people celebrating Diwali in a unique way, always in their own style by decorating their house and surroundings to stand out and have fun in the festival of lights. 

From making and sharing many sweets to snacks, to spreading joy and bringing families together, the festival always brings joy with it for sure. It is common for people to lighten up diyas, lanterns, LED lights and much more every year around the Diwali time, and this year too it has all started. With the festival just days away, a video of a woman wearing an LED light saree going crazy viral. 

The video has surfaced on social media, leaving many people amazed with the lady wearing the beautiful saree giving it a twist in her own style. In the short video clip, you can see the woman is seen walking around in an outfit that is glowing in the dark. Well, of course, it is seen to be glowing because the saree has lights with it. Yes, you read it right. Well, as it is draped with LED lights the saree seems to stand out and looks completely different for sure. 

The clip which has again gone viral now was back then originally shared on the internet in 2020. The video now has resurfaced again ahead of Diwali and again it has managed to get amazing reactions from many social media users. Diwali is being celebrated on the 4th of November this year and many people just love the idea of saree glowing due to LED lights.  “What’s your #DeepavaliSaree like? Am sure your #DiwaliSari can’t match this one … Never seen anything quite like this after #AmitabhBachchan #SaaraZamaanaHaseenonKaDeewana #Yaarana!!” tweeted a user who once again shared the old clip. 

Once again when the glowing saree of led lights was available online, it did not take long for netizens to recognize it quickly and react to it. People loved to share their opinions about the outfit and also few showed how amazed they were with the idea of adding the spice of led lights to the saree. While some were amused, other social media users also were seen joking that with the light ensemble, there was no need for diyas to be in your house to light up your house on Diwali.

source = youtube
Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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