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Film director Shams and his dog enjoy paragliding together over French slopes. The video goes crazy viral.

We often see pet owners and their pets enjoying many adventures together or going on trips taking adorable videos and pictures that take the entire social media platforms by storm. People love to see the bond between pet owners and pets and currently such a beautiful video of a dog is trying a very adventurous sport with Hooman and is going crazy viral on the internet. It is true that an adventure sport like paragliding can be scary and not everyone is brave enough to try. But this dog doing paragliding is winning the hearts of so many social media users who watched the thrilling video.

 In the crazy viral video a big fluffy some more it is seen gliding through the air. The dog is very much relaxed and is enjoying its experience with its owner. Every bit of the video is amazing and at the same time is very exciting. The dog as well as the dog’s owner film the journey while the dog is getting patted by the owner from time to time. Bhaiya flying over the picturesque location of Col du Granon which is a very famous destination mountain pass located in France. The adventure film director Shams took a flight with his dog Ouka recently and in this particular video the duo is enjoying the view along with the music of Limahl’s ‘never-ending story’.

 All the social media users who watched the video were delighted to see the bond between the dog’s owner and the dog. The video was initially posted on the Instagram account of the rescue dog and it clearly stated how much the dog was prepared before their flight. After training for one month the dog and its owner were totally prepared for the flight and the ride marked the beginning of many more paragliding trips. Adventure director Shams also shared some pictures on his own official profile and he stated how life has been totally changed for him after he adopted the three year old canine in late June. 

He wrote online “I am trying my best to give Ouka his best life and he is helping me a lot to make me smile again. Thanks buddy!” He added, ” Let’s go fly around the world now.” The paragliding enthusiast said that he will be getting a customized hardness made for his pet for all the upcoming adventures in their life in the future. Well, as per the information given on the profile The talented dog is not just into paragliding but also the dog loves many other adventurous sports. The list of sports the dog is really into includes Hiking and Kayaking and also the adorable duo loves to enjoy nature and have a great time with their friends and family together.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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