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Flying cars take the internet by storm. Internet users are left shocked!

Video showing us how much technology is improving daily. It is totally amazing. We get to see so many such videos on several social media platforms. Especially for people who are into technology, they would love to read this article. The article is all about other now going trending flying cars.yes you read that right. All that there have been many such concepts of flying cars, this one will totally amaze you. This typical flying car is actually capable of hitting a speed of over 160 km per hour. 

Talking about the flying car, it can also reach altitudes above 8,000 feet. Well it is approximately 2,500m above the ground level. Also the design of the flying car is so good now that it has actually passed many tests. The flying car went through many flight tests which took place in Europe’s Slovakia. This flying car can actually transform from a car into a small aircraft.

 It took 70 hours of  “rigorous flight testing”. The car also got an award as an official Certificate of Airworthiness. The award is by the Slovak Transport Authority. Well, the reports by CNN state Klein Vision’s statement. Klein Vision is the company which developed the flying car. As per the reports this buying car in order to take off requires a pilot.

 That means that someone having the pilot’s license can actually use this flying car. As per a Klein Vision’s spokesperson told CNN, the car can speed over 100 mph. This vehicle will also come with a BMW engine. Well, the hybrid car-aircraft will take around two minutes and 15 seconds to transform. That is, it takes not much time to transform from a car to an aircraft.

Anton Zajac is the co-founder of Klein Vision. 

Well, he spoke to CNN about a team of eight specialists. The members of the team toiled for more than 100,000 hours. It is to develop mathematical models out of design concepts. After working hard, they finally were able to come with a prototype. He also stated that the flying car actually requires “fuel sold at any gas station” to run.  “AirCar certification opens the door for mass production of very efficient flying cars,” the BBC stated the creator Prof Stefan Klein as saying.

The company is currently thinking about the aircraft “to fly to London from Paris in near future”. As per the reports by BBC this hybrid car-aircraft finished a 35-minute flight. The flight took place between airports in Nitra and Bratislava. The airports are in Slovakia and the flight happened in June, last year. After successful landing, the aircraft then takes a bit of time to transform into a car. Then with the car the entire crew members went on a ride around the city center. 

Such an amazing development in science and technology. Thus it was successful in getting the headlines soon. All the netizens who came across the post were left all amazed and impressed. Many liked the idea of having a pilot’s license to actually drive the vehicle. A car and a plane are what everyone’s dream is to own in their lives. This car is totally a combination of both, gifted as a part of both in one vehicle

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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