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The upside down house attracts many tourists from around the globe!

The Internet is usually filled with many pictures of different designed houses. There are houses with speciality and everyone wants their house to be different in a unique way. what is actually common for people to design the houses so that it can be different from the rest of others.

 Some might have the interior of the house different while some might go with a unique exterior look. However now one of such houses is going crazy viral on the internet. The construction of the houses is what the entire town is talking about. This house is unique because it is totally upside down. Yes you read that right. The ceilings of the house are actually in the place of the floors. And thus it is famous to be an upside down house. Talking about this topsy-turvy house, it is in Colombia.  the houses became one of the famous tourist spots now. 

Many people are so much attracted towards it that they are actually traveling to just give a look at it. All thanks to the way the house is actually made. The construction of the house is truly something that you will not find anywhere else. Talking about the upside-down house, it is in the Guatavita area. The designer of the houses is Fritz Schall. Well, this Austrian lives in Colombia with his family members. “Everyone looked at me like I was mad, they didn’t believe what I was saying,” 

Schall stated while talking to Reuters. “I said ‘I’m going to make an upside-down house,’ and they told me, ‘Ok sir, sure, go for it’,” he stated. Now he and his house are standing highly on service social platforms. The latest photos of the house by Reuters on Twitter are going viral. Well, people are also posting photos from inside their house. The house inaugurated three weeks ago is now making it to the headlines.

The inspiration behind constructing this house was Schall came across a similar construction. Well it was in Austria in 2015 while on a trip to his native place. Schall was present along with his grandchildren when I saw the house. According to Schall, the pandemic was creating a lot of obstacles for him. The construction of houses was becoming more difficult for sure . However, he was successful in completing his project. Well he actually started building the house at the beginning of this Year. Many difficulties and the construction of the house was completed. Its construction ended at the beginning of this year.

“We’ve come from a pandemic, we’ve emerged from a lockdown, so this helps people have a moment of relaxation,” Lina Gutierrez, a visitor, said to Reuters. Truly an amazing construction to come across. He was able to face all the obstacles and still make it. The pandemic made the construction truly a trouble for him but he did not give up. He successfully made this masterpiece which is attracting many now. The photos from the interior and exterior part of the house are going crazy viral on the internet. The comment section of the post is also filled with many positive reviews.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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