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Food to avoid in the pandemic

The coronavirus condition is in many regions where the number of positive cases are increasing every single day. People are more interested now to know how they can increase their immunity by staying at home in order to avoid getting infected from the deadly virus. Good nutrition food is crucial for health and for optimal health it is also important to remain physically mentally and emotionally healthy especially during this pandemic period. Well, nutritional food is important to consume to increase your immunity and power so that you can fight the virus even if you come in contact with it. Only home cooked meals are the safest ones to consume and it is also important to have high protein food stored in your pantry. Regarding the food that you must not or should avoid consuming in this pandemic period here are a few things you should know first.

  1. Packaged foods: especially if you have got the covid-19 infection it is advised to not have food that has a high amount of added sugar and a preservative in it as it may cause inflammation and can reduce the healing process. High inflammation will become a burden on your immune system and it might be very much difficult to overcome the infection and to get healed soon.
  2. Red meat: in many parts of the country consuming red meat is common but in this situation, it is highly advised to avoid eating red meat and to consume it in lower proportions. 
  3. Salty food: again information risk is high if you consume food which are excessively salty like salty chips or or junk food which usually has more salt in it then required. Who recommended that we consume food products that have less than 5 grams of salt in it for a day and by this we can stay fit for sure.
  4. Sodas and snacks: it is always better to avoid foods that are high in salt and sugar content especially if you are recovering from the virus. It is also good to intake natural fruit drinks rather than soda or drinks that have high sugar content in it or are highly processed in it. Choosing fresh fruits over sweets and snacks is always preferable whether it is the pandemic or not.

Apart from the above-mentioned food, it is also advisable to reduce fatty meats and as WHO recommends people should drink more water instead of alcoholic or sugar-sweetened beverages. A well balanced diet can surely make you healthier and fresh and unprocessed food should be consumed everyday which is rich in vitamins and protein and a good source of dietary fibre. If you are infected with the virus then it is advised to have food like mushrooms, bell pepper, green vegetables like broccoli, and spinach which will help to build up your immune system.



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