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Jessica Simpson’s Surprising Weight Loss: How Did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight

Jessica Simpson, the well-known American artist, recently stunned fans with her dramatic weight loss. After giving birth in 2019, she managed to shed 100 pounds. Pictures of her toned body emerged when she and her husband, Eric Johnson, were spotted out for dinner. If you’re looking to drop some weight, Jessica’s journey could offer some inspiration. Here’s a look into her diet and exercise routine.

Who’s Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson, born on July 10, 1980, in Texas, is a famous American singer, actress, and businesswoman. Some of her hit songs include ‘Irresistible’ and tracks from her album ‘In This Skin,’ which sold millions.

Jessica’s Weight Loss Secrets, Know how did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight

Fans were wowed when Jessica uploaded a photo showcasing her in a bikini, celebrating her 100-pound weight loss. Curious about her secret? The 42-year-old mom followed the Body Reset Diet for half a year and kept up daily exercises.

What’s the Body Reset Diet?

Created by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak in 2013, the Body Reset Diet is a 15-day plan split into three 5-day phases. Initially, you’ll drink smoothies, then gradually reintroduce solid foods.

Phase 1: Three daily smoothies – breakfast (white), lunch (red), dinner (green).

Phase 2: Two smoothies daily, with one solid meal like a veggie sandwich.

Phase 3: One smoothie and two protein-rich solid meals.

Pasternak believes quick initial weight loss can motivate people to stick with their diet.

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Jessica’s Daily Diet

Jessica followed a diet with a daily intake of 1200-1400 calories. She enjoyed three meals (including two smoothies) and snacked on almonds. Flavorful but healthy dishes like tortilla soup were her go-to. She also drank about 100 ounces of water daily. Instead of entire cheat days, Jessica opted for occasional cheat meals.

Jessica Simpson Workout Routine

Jessica combined dieting with a strategic exercise routine. Here’s what she did:

Daily Walks: Jessica aimed for 14,000 steps every day, starting with 6,000 and increasing over time.

Healthy Eating: She focused on meals with proteins, fiber, and good fats. Almonds, being protein-rich, were her snack choice.

Gym Sessions: Jessica had 45-minute workouts three times a week.

Tech Detox: She’d unplug for at least an hour daily, usually before sleeping.

Quality Sleep: Aiming for 7 hours of rest, Jessica prioritized sleep.

Did Jessica Use Weight Loss Supplements?

Rumors arose about Jessica using diet pills, but she denied this. She did, however, admit to using supplements in her teens after being told to lose weight.

Try Jessica’s Weight Loss Smoothies

To help with your own weight loss, here are some smoothie recipes inspired by the Body Reset Diet:

Harley Pasternak’s Berry Smoothie

Ingredients: Frozen raspberries (1 cup), frozen blueberries (¼ cup), ½ orange, vanilla protein powder (1 scoop), ground flaxseeds (1 tbsp).

Directions: Blend all items. Add water for desired consistency. Enjoy with mint or almonds.

Spinach Delight Smoothie

Ingredients: Spinach (2 cups), pear (1, peeled & chopped), grapes (15), fat-free Greek yogurt (6 ounces), avocado (2 tbsp, chopped), lime juice (1 tbsp).

Directions: Blend all items together. Add water if needed and serve fresh.

White Power Smoothie

Ingredients: Almonds (5, whole or chopped), red apple (1, unpeeled & chopped), banana (1), fat-free Greek yogurt (¾ cup), fat-free milk (½ cup), ground cinnamon (½ tbsp).

Directions: Blend all ingredients. Adjust consistency with water. Serve fresh with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Wrapping Up

Jessica Simpson managed to shed post-pregnancy weight three times with the Body Reset Diet, a balanced lifestyle, and regular exercises. Her strategy included high-protein smoothies, solid meals, and regular exercise. If you’re hoping to shed some pounds, taking tips from Jessica’s journey might be a great start.

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