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Footage taken from a drone of stingrays in the ocean goes viral!

With the invention of the drone, we can literally see everything from a bird’s eye view, and currently, such a clip which is taken from a drone is going very much viral on the internet and on several social media platforms. The video features a group of stingrays that are swimming in the white blue ocean beautifully and the clip is mesmerizing.

 The video was initially shared on a Twitter account which is named as Buitengebieden. The Twitter account is very much famous for sharing amazing videos and has a large amount of fan following too. The clip currently has more than 100 k views and social media users who had watched it are left awestruck. Many social media users commented how beautiful the stingrays look in the group and swimming in the beautiful clear blue ocean. Talking about the video clip it lasted for only 58 seconds but the video was long enough to make your day. 

A large group of stingrays can be seen swimming in the video together and it is just a very delightful scene to watch. The captain of the video is “Drone footage of a school of rays…. “Netizens who watch the video commented in the comment section saying how beautiful these creatures are and how beautiful the ocean works and the video. Also, some use inquiry regarding the lifestyle of stingrays and how they behave as they got interested from the beautiful video regarding the species.  Well if you just give a glance at the video for a few seconds it just looks like pixels.

 The beautiful group of stingrays in the blue ocean look very tiny and something surely adorable to watch. Many netizens were totally mesmerized by it and a user also commented “they are clearly feeding but what makes them mass together like this? I mean is it just assigned that this is the only feeding spot or are they actually interacting with one another? The small video clip got so many social media users interested in stingrays that now the comment sections are filled with any questions regarding them and thus the video is also going highly viral on several other social media platforms to where it is getting quickly shared. 

Another social media user commented on the video saying “the world offers so much beauty yet humans just destroy it.” Whereas another Twitter user said, “the way they swim clustered together like a gigantic Ray.” The account that shared the video on Twitter currently has around 434.3 k followers and the video was initially shared by the account on August 27, 2021. This beautiful mesmerizing video has more than 11.6 k likes and 165 comments currently.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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