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Founder of Model Nexus shares that this photographer shares $100 extra for shoots of curved models!

Many people, especially social media users, very closely follow the fashion industry. All of us want to be updated with fashion and absolutely love the content that we get regarding the fashion industry. Also every now and then we find so many updates regarding this glamorous industry that we cannot just get enough of it.  But at the same time we also know that there is a little bit of a dark side in this industry that often arises as a problem on social media platforms. There is a lot of pressure and issues that the models face and also designers have to face every time and the journey goes on like that.

 Fashion is something that people love and it makes many people famous too. But to be famous they go through a lot of disappointment and exploitation that comes along with their journey. That happened to a model who has been professionally and it has been making the headlines now. Beauty was received by a very famous photographer. 

The viral post:

Megan Mesveskas received mail from photographer William Lords and it has made many social media users disappointed. Megan is one of the most famous personalities and is also very well famous for being the founder of the agencies of Model Nexus. She is someone who specializes in body diversity and has also raised her voice about it. She currently was seen sharing the story on her social media account and was seen slamming this photographer. As per the reports this photographer was charging A hundred dollars more than the standard price that he charges. 

Well it is for just plus class size models. This incident which was shared by Megan has now reached to many social media users around the globe will stop. It took place when she actually asked this photographer studios manager about the rates for the shoot. While responding to her they actually gave the separate pricing rangers for the photoshoot. The price for shooting a standard model photoshoot was around $950. Well however when the model is a plus size or curved model they would

charge around $1050. The story has what has made many social media users angry and disappointed in such differentiation that they do.

Reaction oh Lords and social media users:

 Also the story as soon as it was available on the internet. It was spreading at a very high range on a social media platform. Many social media users  who came across our bashing this photographer for discrimination that he has been doing. The video by the model is going a very viral. Many people are supporting her voice for this discrimination. has irked netizens on social media. 

However after facing so much of an issue on the social media platform, Lords decided to speak with Newsweek about it. “The reason I charge $100 more for curvy models is because of the “time and cost involved in obtaining ‘creative and high end’ clothing for the models” that is on par with clothing offered to “straight-sized” models.” He also further added that “$100 is absolutely nothing compared to what I do for these girls.”

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