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Four months after Dave Chappelle’s ‘Closer’ controversy, Netflix give permission to release him four new comedy specials, know what the controversy was?

The first season of Netflix’s original series Wu Assassins, a martial arts action show starring Iko Uwais from The Raid, Byron Mann from Arrow, and Lewis Tan from Mortal Kombat, premiered in August of 2019. Despite being a critical and commercial success upon its initial release, Netflix never officially announced a second season, with rumours circulating but never verified by the streaming service.

In addition to not renewing the show, Netflix never formally cancelled it and has now published the next episode of the series, Fistful of Vengeance, a brand-new feature film that continues up to where season one ended. Fistful of Vengeance, which was newly launched on the service yesterday, continues the Wu Assassins tale and has also proven to be highly successful, having jumped to the number one movie spot in the United States.

Lawrence Kao and Juju Chan, who co-starred in Wu Assassins, also act alongside Uwais and Tan in the film. Pearl Thusi, Francesca Corney, Jason Tobin, Rhatha Phongam, and Simon Kuke are among the film’s newcomers. Roel Reiné, who directed two episodes of the TV show, took over as the film’s director. According to reports, comedian Donnell Rawlings will participate in the second episode, and two more comedians will appear in the two that follow.
Chappelle’s specials comes just a few months
The news of Chappelle’s specials comes just a few months after Netflix launched a new 11-day stand-up comedy festival in Los Angeles called “Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival,” which will include over 130 artists, including the Emmy-winning comic. In a press release, Netflix’s director of stand-up and comedic formats, Robbie Praw, said, “It’s extremely thrilling for Netflix to be organizing a comedy festival of this scale in Los Angeles.”
Disappointed to have to postpone the event

“We were very disappointed to have to postpone the event last spring, and our roster of comedians can’t wait to offer much-needed chuckles to audiences in Los Angeles and around the world on Netflix,” says the director. The ‘Netflix Is a Joke Festival’ will provide comedy fans the chance to witness the greats and discover emerging voices in one of the world’s most beautiful towns.”

What was the controversy?

When “The Closer” premiered on Oct. 1, Chappelle found himself in hot water. His remarks about the transgender community sparked outrage among Netflix employees and activists. On the 20th of October, some 30 Netflix employees staged a walkout and attended a rally at the company’s Los Angeles offices.

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