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‘Good old days’: Anand Mahindra compares the price of the Jeeps!

People who are huge fans of sturdy Jeeps will know its value as it keeps increasing every single year as it passes by. Currently in 2022, getting a  jeep means spending a huge amount of money to actually get it and maintain it. People go ahead to spend lakhs of rupees on a single Jeep. However, the conditions back in 1960 were not like the ones nowadays. It was completely different as people will easily be able to get a premium Mahindra jeep. That too by not spending a huge amount of money on it. They easily got their hands on a jeep by spending a few thousand rupees on it. 

Mahindra on the old Jeeps!

On Sunday, the CEO of Mahindra Motors, Anand Mahindra spoke a little about it. He actually shared an old print advertisement. While giving a look to the advertisement you will actually see the price of a Willys CJ 3B Jeep. Back then they were selling the Jeep at the price of Rs 12,421. The newspaper advertisement was published to announce the discount price of the jeep back then. The Mahindra group was giving a discount of Rs 200 on the jeep. Talking about the current times the same Jeep will be available to you at a price of rupees around 4.5 lakh. 

Well, yes the demand as a price for the Jeep over the years was literally increasing every single second it seems. Also, Mahindra’s much admired vehicle is this thar jeep. the jeeps are currently selling at a price of rupees 12 lakh and it goes up to rupees 15 lakh also. Well as they are going on such a high demand with such high prices back in 1960 it looks like a good bargain to actually get this jeep. Anand Mahindra shared the advertisement on his official social media account which is going very widely among all the Jeep lovers.

Netizens funny reaction:

Well, also his entire fan following loves absolutely when he shares his ideas and views of the company’s any product for sure. And we can say that Anand Mahindra’s favorite Jeep is also a favorite for many people around the globe. While, sharing the picture of the advertisement here actually the caption post saying, “A good friend, whose family has been distributing our vehicles for decades fished this out from their archives. Aaah the good old days…when prices headed in the right direction!” Many social media users who came across the posts by also jokingly commented in a section of the post. 

Well, some people also wanted to place their orders at the old rate. “Very good price tag. Can we still avail?” said a user bh replying to his tweet. Well,  Anand Mahindra wittily replied saying, “I’m trying to figure out which of our accessories you can buy with this amount today!” Talking about the old Willys jeep, a Twitter user said, “We used to take this beauty to college till 90. My friend had one. Once on Kemps Corner bridge a car banged from behind. Nothing happened to our Willys but the poor guy must have spent a good amount to get his bonnet in place”.

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