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Google Doodle honors India’s beloved street delicacy, pani puri

Google is commemorating India’s cherished street food, pani puri, through an engaging interactive game Doodle that invites users to assist a street vendor in fulfilling pani puri orders.

The renowned search engine, Google, is currently celebrating pani puri, a popular street food in India, by featuring an exceptional interactive game Doodle. Within this captivating game, Google users can lend a hand to a street vendor by selecting from a variety of pani puri flavors, ensuring a perfect match with each customer’s preferred taste and quantity.

On this very day in 2015, a restaurant located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, earned a well-deserved spot in the Golden Book of World Records for serving an astonishing 51 distinct pani puri flavors to its delighted patrons.

Google introduced the new Pani Puri game Doodle, describing it as a “popular South Asian street food consisting of a crispy shell filled with potatoes, chickpeas, spices, or chilis, accompanied by flavored waters.”

The Origins of Pani Puri and Its Regional Variations:

According to an ancient legend, Pani Puri is said to have been invented by Draupadi during the era of the Mahabharata. The tale recounts that when Draupadi became the wife of the Pandavas, the warriors were still in exile and had limited resources.According to the story, Draupadi’s mother-in-law, Kunti, suggested using leftover aloo sabzi (potato curry) and wheat dough to concoct a dish that would satisfy the hunger of all five men. This ingenious idea led to the creation of bite-sized Pani Puri, which effectively fulfilled the appetite of the Pandavas.



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