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Greek Mythology Lovers, Athena is about to arrive on Netflix. 

Thankfully, the time of year when the American streaming juggernaut would be adding a tonne of brand-new films and television series to its platform has arrived. Netflix is ready to provide a wide range of new titles, even though streamers haven’t fully recovered from its recent blockbusters. Starting the next month, Netflix will include Athena everything from the top 13 anime films to a new language-variant work called Athena.

In the approaching month, the platform will release the French film, Athena. Netflix recently released a trailer for Athena, and it appears good enough to keep fans and movie nerds interested. The film recounts an all-too-current narrative of police corruption, violent protests, and the confluence of nationalism and personal responsibility. From the actors to the plot, you will find all about Athena in this blog. 

What is the Storyline of Athena?

This new film Athena according to Netflix, will take place “hours after the sad death of their younger brother under mysterious circumstances, throwing three brothers’ lives into upheaval.”

In Athena, Abdel, a soldier in the French army, returns home to find his family in complete disarray. He and his family have been ripped apart as a result of the conflict between his younger brother’s desire for vengeance and his elder brother’s actions. When their neighborhood, Athena, comes under attack, chaos ensues. Abdel makes every effort to diffuse uncomfortable situations. Sadly, the family loses a member just when they thought things couldn’t get worse. In a pre-war escape, one of the four siblings perishes. The incident results in a full-scale conflict in Athena society.

The primary actors in the film are Dali Bensalah, Sami Slimane, Quassini Embarek, Anthony Bajon, and Alexis Manetti. This new film, which is being directed by Romain Gavras and produced by Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Mourad Belkeddar, Jean Duhamel, and Nicholas Lhermitte, will be a supplement to the rich Greek tragedies that Netflix already has available. In addition, the film will last for 97 minutes, and audiences anticipate that it will be worthwhile. The movie will reportedly make its world premiere on September 2 at the Venice Film Festival. The next day, September 23, it will be released.

Narratives in the Movie Athena

The odd death of a small boy, who left behind three siblings and a mourning community in the adjacent Athena housing complex, triggers the beginning of the story. A French soldier named Abdel (Dali Bensalah), who is summoned back from the front lines when his youngest sister, a little child, is purportedly killed in a police encounter, is the main character of “Athena,” a modern Greek tragedy. The younger brother, Karim (Sami Slimane), inspires the town’s youngsters to rebel against the police, turning their neighborhood into a castle under siege. As Karim rallies the town’s youngsters in a rebellion against the police, Abdel (Ouassini Embarek), the older brother, seeks to calm the rising tensions.

Who all are there In The Movie?

Athena’s cast is nothing short of amazing. Gavras seems to bring enchantment to the big screen with Dali Bensalah, Sami Slimane, Anthony Bajon, Ouassini Embarek, and Alexis Manenti on board.

Athena had numerous lengthy, intricate single-shot takes, Gavras revealed that the actors and crew practiced for eight weeks before shooting over the course of fifty-two days outside of Paris without the use of CGI. It’s always challenging to convey an image of chaos, fury, and violence, but there was an almost military organization to the process, he continued, adding that the fighting and fireworks were real. Both the big and the personal are celebrated in the movie. Gavras on Athena stated that there is a kind of timeless battle created by layering the current with a heightened realism and extremely powerful symbolism, almost mythological pictures.

Athena’s objective is to grab the spectator by the neck and hold them tied with a short 97-minute running duration. In his praise of Netflix, Gavras stated, “They truly allowed me to do and pushed me to make the picture we wanted to do from screenplay stage. Gavras was also added to his statement towards the deadline that a narrative of brotherhood and this familial violence that is going to spread throughout the neighborhood and eventually the country, Athena. Brother against brother, next family against family, and finally country against the nation are the three main fronts of civil conflicts.

Is the trailer for Athena out? 

Yes, The narrative of three siblings who live in mysterious circumstances and experience tragedy takes a fatal turn in the movie when the youngest brother perishes during an apparent altercation with the police.

Thus, one of the brothers is summoned back from the front lines and tries to defuse the mounting hostilities between his elder brother Moktar’s illegal operations and his older brother Karim’s thirst for vengeance.

Faqs on Athena 

When will the Netflix film Athena be available?

The movie Athena will be available on Netflix on September 23.

Who all are there in Athena? 

Bensalah Dali, Slimane, Sami, Bajon, Anthony, Alexis Manenti, Ouassini, and Embarek.

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