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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 cast, storyline, and more information

It’s incredible that James Gunn’s third and conceivably last Guardians of the Galaxy movie almost didn’t get made. While Gunn’s plan for a trilogy was at risk when he was fired due to a dispute involving some offensive comments posted on Twitter, Marvel was undoubtedly going to keep the characters around for many more films. It didn’t take long for both Guardians fans and even the cast and crew themselves to voice support for Gunn and call for his return to finish what he started after the ten-year-old tweets were troublesome and improper, but they weren’t necessarily malicious. Thank goodness they were successful since James Gunn was rehired to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Some details:

Since we last saw the galaxy’s favorite group of outcasts, they have experienced a lot. Since the release of the first movie in 2014, the group has faced off against a planet that is still alive, seen the majority of its members crumble to dust after Thanos’ Snap before being brought back to battle the Mad Titan’s army, and even gone on a few adventures with Thor. They went from being virtually unknown to being adored fan favorites and the gem of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to their nearly ten-year journey.

Marvel fans have highly anticipated the Guardians’ comeback in their feature picture, and happily, the wait won’t last much longer. Kevin Feige, James Gunn, and the rest of the cast shared critical insights and even an exclusive first look at the much-awaited new movie during Marvel’s fantastic San Diego Comic-Con 2022 panel. The impressive presentation provided comprehensive answers to many queries we’ve all had, including the release date, the characters we’ll get to see, and the anticipated tone. Read the information below to learn everything we currently know about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. You’ll learn all these details and many more.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Release date

Next year, on May 5, 2023, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will dance its way into theatres for the Summer blockbuster season. The third Guardians movie will thus mark the midpoint of the Multiverse Saga and the second movie in the MCU’s hectic Phase 5 timetable. After its theatrical debut, Vol. 3 will probably be available for streaming on Disney+. If Marvel’s Disney+ releases follow their past pattern, we should reasonably anticipate seeing the movie there about a month after May 5, 2023.

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3  

Fans may anticipate the return of every original team member and their respective cast members. They include Sean Gunn as Kraglin, Dave Bautista as Drax, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Karen Gillan as Nebula, Pom Klementieff as Mantis, and Chris Pratt as Star-Lord. Not only them, but Sylvester Stallone as the Ravager commander Stakar and Elizabeth Debicki as the furious Sovereign queen Ayesha will also be returning from Vol. 2. After their end-credits scene in Volume 2, several of Stakar’s original Guardians crew might also appear.

We already mentioned that Peacemaker actor Chukwudi Iwuji would serve as the primary source of evil charm as the High Evolutionary. Will Poulter will bring comic book guardian fan favorite Adam Warlock. A previously seen but unheard of character will also appear in the movie. The voice of Cosmo the Space Dog, who made a fleeting appearance in the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie, will be provided by Maria Bakalova, the breakout star of the Borat sequel movie. The Suicide Squad’s own Ratcatcher 2, Daniela Melchior, will join the ensemble as a final James Gunn veteran, taking on the role of an unnamed character in the constantly growing Marvel universe.

The plot of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3  

The teaser begins with Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord character Peter Quill and Karen Gillan’s Nebula coming into contact with a troop of Ravagers. Quill is surprised that his girlfriend Gamora (Zoe Saldaa) is in charge of the space pirates. However, she is not the Gamora that Quill is familiar with because in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos (Josh Brolin) killed the Gamora from his timeline. The Gamora in Volume 3 comes from a different timeline in which she hasn’t yet met Quill and was sent to the central MCU universe by the Thanos in her world. Gamora was the only survivor when Thanos and the rest of his armies were out of existence, and she to find her place in this strange new world.

The teaser is soon accompanied by a catchy song in typical Guardians of the Galaxy. Still, this one is a little more contemporary than the 70s/80s music we’ve heard in the previous movies. The song in question is “Do You Realize” by The Flaming Lips, and it was very recently out in 2002. The team has “matured,” according to Gunn, who also explained the music selection, so we might hear more modern songs when the movie is released.


The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailers were out. However, it hasn’t yet been to the internet, unlike the most recent trailers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Fans will have to wait to watch the trailer that moved the cast in attendance at SDCC, which makes sense given that the movie is still in active development and has a ways to go before its release date. Don’t worry if you can’t wait to see what the trailer has in store; we saw it in Hall H and can tell you precisely what it entails.

The trailer’s general mood is far darker and more intense than anyone could have ever predicted. It is with numerous characters only appearing briefly in images that appear to be experiencing extreme agony or misery. The backstory of Rocket (Bradley Cooper) is a significant storyline component. So, that seems to be heavily in the movie. Well, as shown by the appearances of both a newborn and a young Rocket. His sensitive and tragic past is probably just one aspect of a film. It is to be one of the most emotional ones in the MCU.


What about Guardians 4?

Even though a fourth Guardians film probably won’t be out until after Vol. 3 hits theatres, Gunn has been considering the idea lately.

Is Adam Warlock the bad guy?

Adam Warlock is frequently as an anti-hero, a protagonist, and on rare occasions, a villain.

How much Vin Diesel gets for the role of Groot?

The actor who voiced the character has received fair compensation. According to the claims, he received a massive $54.5 million. Or a sumptuous $13 million, for each film in which Groot appeared.

Can Gamora return?

Saldana discussed returning to the role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in an interview. It is with Empire Magazine that Slashfilm published. Although Gamora’s fate is still unknown. Saldana discusses how emotional it is to play the character again. And how the production team has handled the Covid-19 pandemic’s repercussions.

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