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Have a look at India’s first pod hotel at Mumbai Central Railway Station

On Wednesday, Indian Railways’ first pod hotel was inaugurated at Mumbai Central railway station. The pod hotel at the Mumbai Central Railway Station was inaugurated by the minister of state for railways, Raosaheb Danve. 

The nation’s first pod hotel spread over an area of approximately 3000 square feet. The pod hotel has an amazing mezzanine floor. This pod hotel is located on the first floor of the station building at Mumbai Central. The posh-looking pod hotel also has 48 capsule-like rooms which are divided into parts such as classic pods, private pods, and separate pods for women and also for the differently-abled. The pod hotel consists of a number of small bed-sized capsules in order to provide affordable and also comfortable overnight accommodation for the passengers. The pod hotel comprises three categories, and these are as follows: 30 classic pods, 7 ladies only, 10 private pods, and one for differently-abled passengers. The classic pods and ladies-only pods are comfortable enough to accommodate one guest, and on the other hand, the private pod will also have a private space within the room. Those pods which are for the differently-abled will be spacious and comfortable enough to fit two guests. This pod will also have much space for a wheelchair to move around. The passenger can experience all modern and cozy facilities at comparatively cheaper rates. Passengers can book the pod hotel for 12 hours for  ₹999, and for 24 hours accommodation, the passengers have to pay ₹1,999. And for a private pod for 12, they will have to pay ₹1,249, and that for a 24 hour period is priced at 2,499.

Well, this may sound comfortable enough for traveling, but you know, the list doesn’t end here. The pod hotels, having a cozy environment, will also be provided with other amazing facilities such as free Wi-Fi. Passengers staying in pod hotels will have access to televisions, mobile charging points, and reading lights inside the air-conditioned pod capsules in the hotel.

But the passengers have to use washrooms, luggage, and shower rooms in the common area in the hotel premises. 

The pods will also have an interior light, mobile charging, smoke detectors, and DND indicators as well. Sounds amazing right?

As the ministry of railways took Twitter in order to share the photos and videos of posh yet cozy pod hotel rooms, netizens had an amazing reaction to it and found it very attractive. The comments section was filled with a lot of praise to come up with such a good idea. While many requested to extend this amazing project of pod hotels all over India. And many wanted to stay in these pod hotel rooms, which are filled with such good facilities. So surely this can be a perfect example of comfy and posh-looking rooms.

It was reported first by Hindustan Times in December 2018 that the IRCTC has a plan to construct the pod hotel. The Indian Railways has informed that it will construct similar pod hotels at other stations in the city if the one at Mumbai Central station becomes a successful project. Well, India has already launched the project of pod hotels in railway stations. The first pod hotel was developed by a private firm and came up in Andheri in 2017. But the pod hotel is not functional anymore. The first-ever pod hotels were developed in Japan.

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