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Here are some Best 2022 K-Drama that you must binge watch

Here is the list of Top K-Drama shows

1. Pachinko.

The sweeping epic on Apple TV+, which received some of the finest reviews of any programme launched this year, brought Min Jin Lee’s famous novel about Korean immigrants in Japan to a wide international audience.

With aid of rich, intricate, and evocative staging, as well as a story that seeks closure inside the rises and falls of time, Oscar winner Youn Yuh-jung, heartthrob Lee Min-ho, and great newcomer Kim Min-ah bring the fascinating intergenerational drama to life. A second season is all like guaranteed, even though only half of the book has been adapted.

2. Our Blues.

Our Blues, a gritty and endearing drama with a Jeju setting and a star-studded cast assembled by popular writer Noh Hee-kyung, is about a convivial society comprising traders, shellfish hunters, and fish markets.

The plot allows every connection time to develop and breathe in its own episode rather than mixing everything together right away while the rest of the ensemble chatters away in the background.  A strong cast is highlighted in particular by Lee Byung-hun and Kim Hye-ja.

3. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.

Inside the colourful and immensely engrossing young love story Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, Kim Tae-ri is a complete treat as the feisty fencer who matures. Nam Joo-hyuk, her co-star, and they have great chemistry together. Nam Joo-hyuk gives a quieter but no less brilliant performance.

This programme soon gained popularity because it was endearing, funny, and unexpectedly profound. It effectively engages with history; the Asian financial crisis of 1997–1998 adds an emotional layer at the beginning, but a newsworthy incident adds an unpleasant tone later.

4. My Liberation Notes

Mr. Writer, please In the year and, Park Hae-young made a triumphant comeback with superb slice-of-life drama My Liberation Notes.

Son Suk-ku, who plays the mysterious Mr. Gu, steals the show, but the entire cast excels in this gripping story about the unfulfilled hopes of three siblings that commute from of the countryside to Seoul and the illusive personal independence they seek.

When we get down to compile our year-end list in six months, this show will be difficult to top because it is layered, complex, and frequently magnificent.

5. Link: Eat, Love, Kill

The darkly funny fantasy-romcom-thriller-drama mash-up Eat, Love, Kill has only just begun, but with such a colourful and endearing beginning, it deserves a spot on our list.

Delicious dishes and hidden bodies split refrigerator room inside a story that skillfully juggles a variety of moods. Moon Ga-young, most recently seen in True Beauty, plays a bubbly jobseeker, and Yeo Jin-goo, fresh from Beyond Evil, portrays a sensitive top chef. In what appears to be a beautiful K-drama confection, their characters have a wonderful bond and good chemistry.

6. Through the Darkness

Inside this dramatization of the a genuine memoir authored by South Korea’s first criminal profiler, Kim Nam-gil deftly brings an intriguing real-life figure to the screen. Similar to David Fincher’s Mindhunter, the plot involves a talented behavioural investigator interviewing violent criminals to learn what drives them and how to stop others who behave similarly.

The programme discusses a variety of high-profile crimes that have troubled Korean society in recent years.

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