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Here is everything that is currently known about “Indiana Jones 5”

There has even been a teaser out that appears to reveal the official title as simply Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones 5 will be out in June 2023.

Don’t expect to watch the trailer online because it was only here at the D23 Expo and only to a select group of lucky attendees. The fact that it announced John Rhys-Davies’ return to his role as Sallah was arguably the most intriguing aspect.

Producer Frank Marshall, who has worked on numerous Indiana Jones films, said in February 2022 that production has, at long last, come to an end. Steven Spielberg’s replacement as director, James Mangold, is ready to making the wait worthwhile.

Indiana Jones 5 Release date

To cut a long tale short, Indiana Jones 5 is here to arrive in theatres on June 30, 2023, barring any further delays—and there have been many. Initially announced, it was ready to make its theatrical premiere in July 2019. Disney subsequently postponed the debut three more times, to July 10, 2020, July 9, 2021, and July 29, 2022. As previously mentioned, the movie saw one additional delay due to Disney delaying several movies, resulting in a new release date of June 30, 2023. Early June saw the start of filming in Pinewood and other sites in the UK, but there were some hiccups along the way. Disney said Ford had hurt his shoulder while practicing for a fight scene on June 23, 2021.

Mangold clarified rumors that filming had been suspended in a message to a fan on June 30, 2021: “We’re all good. Shooting!”

Indiana Jones 5 -1

The cast of Indiana Jones 5  

Ford further claimed that only he could portray Indiana Jones: “He vanishes when I go. It’s simple. Accept it into [your mind]. After filming finally started in June 2021, we got our first glimpse of Ford making a comeback as Indy from the set. At D23, Ford seemed to clarify that this would be his last appearance as Indy: “I’m done now. I won’t lower myself for you once more.” The Disney event saw John Rhys-Davies reprise his role as Sallah for the first time since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade so that he won’t be the only one making a comeback.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been selected as the female lead, and we’ve also got our first look at her in the picture. The D23 footage confirms that she is portraying Helena, Indy’s goddaughter. Mads Mikkelsen will join her in addition to Thomas Kretschmann of Marvel, Shaunette Renée Wilson of Black Panther, and Boyd Holbrook of The Predator (adding yet another franchise to his resume). Although the identity of their characters is currently unknown, Mikkelsen has made it clear that the script was “everything [he] intended it to be.”

It has been announced that Toby, Since filming started, Jones and Antonio Banderas have joined the cast. However, just like the other immigrants, their purposes are still unknown. John Williams, a renowned composer, is reportedly returning to score the movie, concluding the adventure he began with Raiders of the Lost Ark 40 years ago.

He even debuted a song from the next movie that serves as the theme song for Waller-Helena Bridge’s character. Marion Ravenwood, Indy’s love interest from Raiders and Crystal Skull, might not be returning. Although she wasn’t contacted when Indiana Jones 5 was officially revealed in 2016, Karen Allen took involved in the production early on. 

Indiana Jones 5 -2

The plot of Indiana Jones 5  

Even Indy might be unable to learn anything about the trip he will be taking this time. Even the teaser shown to the public at the D23 Expo was vague about the premise.

However, it appears that Indy will face off against Nazis in the fifth film due to filming footage. However, it’s unclear whether they’ll only appear in a flashback scene or serve as the film’s primary antagonists.

In a set photo, additional time travel is here to. The movie will generally be here after Crystal Skull and star an old Dr. Jones.


As previously announced, on September 10, 2022, during the D23 Expo, Indiana Jones 5’s first trailer appeared.

Although it is not out online, it might be out in theatres alongside one of Disney’s other high-profile films this year, such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11) or Avatar: The Way of Water (December 16).

The video primarily consisted of action sequence teasers from the film, including a variation on the famous Indiana Jones joke in which the hero uses his whip to fight off some thugs, but they respond by shooting at him.


Does Indiana Jones 5 exist?

In truth, Indiana Jones 5 will be out in June 2023, and a trailer recently out that seemed to confirm the actual title as simply Indiana Jones. Because it was only here to a restricted group of fortunate participants at the D23 Expo, don’t expect to be able to watch the footage online.

Is Indiana Jones going to have six?

Kathleen Kennedy, a fellow producer and president of Lucasfilm, said they wouldn’t create any more Indiana Jones films without Harrison Ford. Hence Indiana Jones 5 will be the final installment in the series.

In which year is Indiana Jones 5 set?

Early reports from the movie’s Glasgow, Scotland location imply that it would take place in the summer of 1969 due to American posters and anti-Vietnam War graffiti decorating the streets, Neil Armstrong’s recent return from the moon on July 20, 1969, and other events.

Is Chris Pratt a possible Indiana Jones?

Chris Pratt has stated that he has no interest in working with the beloved series after knowing about Harrison Ford’s ideas. Well, so it appears he won’t be taking over as Indiana Jones soon.


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