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Here is what you need to know about Rose hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley!

We all may know that the Duchess of Cambridge is no new to all kinds of rumors about her personal life. Over the past few years there have been a number of rumors suggesting that she and her new sister in law, the duchess of Sussex, don’t get along well. We can say that they are not instant best friends that many royal fans hoped would be.

Well of course this was not the end. In March, one of the news agencies, The Sun, claimed that Kate as a rival now. And that’s none other than Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. In 2019, Prince William was back then accused for cheating on his wife Kate with close friend Rose Hanbury. The Sun published this report of the rumors of big fallout between Kate and her for my best friend Rose Hanbury.

These rumors went more viral when Kate was adamant on phasing Rose out of a social circle and on the other hand William was trying to play a peacemaker role as both women have many mutual friends. But after some time, Will’s reported attempts to defuse the situation appeared unsuccessful at a time as a Daily Mail client that both parties considered taking legal action.

So let’s know about the woman who once alleged to be William’s mistress! Let’s dive into the information about Rose Hanbury.

Marchioness Rose Hanbury was born in 1984 March 15th, and now she is 37 years old. She is married to David Rocksavage who is the seventh marquess of Cholmondeley. David is the lord great chamberlain of the United Kingdom, which is the sixth of the great officers of state. This means that he has a charge over the palace of Westminster. The 61 year old is also a filmmaker. He is a descendant of both former Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole and Rothschild family.

The couple married in 2009 at Chelsea Town Hall and according to the reports provided by “Hello!”, it was a whirlwind engagement for sure! The publication revealed that in June 2009 the couple announced their engagement and the next day it was amazingly announced that they were expecting and just a day later they tied the knot.

Rose and David have three children together from which two of them are twin boys Alexander and Oliver and a daughter named Iris. They live at the Houghton hall estate in Norfolk, which is right around the corner from Kate and Wills’ country home, Anmer Hall.

It can be noted that the 37 year old mother of three is frequently capturing amazing photos of the state’s garden and the beautiful sculptures and then she shares the photos on her personal Instagram account. The photos are also shared on the official Instagram account which is just made for Houghton Hall.

Rose Hanbury’s ties to the Royals run deep within her blood. Starting off with her grandmother, lady Elizabeth Lambert, was one of the queen’s bridesmaids when she was Prince Philip. Rose and Gauri once worked as a model too but apparently she and Kate grew closer through some charity works which they did with East Anglia’s Children Hospice. And as hooked and hall is just a few miles away from an overhaul given their proximity to one another the couples run into the same social circle reportedly. It was their warm greetings to each other at a Gala in 2016 which confirm that they are close to each other.

Even though there were a lot of cheating rumours spreading across the internet that sent shockwaves around The World back in 2019, still it is also reported that both women remain married to their respective partners, and seem happy too.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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