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Here’s what fans think about Chris Evans and Selena Gomez ?

Since her last public appearance on October 1, Selena Gomez has kept a low profile this week. Fans speculated about Chris Evans’ romantic relationship with her because of Chris Evans’ Instagram follow-up, reported in Us Weekly, The Sun, and gossip blog Nicki Swift.

Some tweets posted on Twitter claim that the two left the same studio and restaurant two hours apart on October 1, but there is no documentation to back up that claim. They are not the same people in the paparazzi photos; they are old photos of Gomez (one shows her leaving a studio a year ago, and another shows her going to pilates a year ago). Appearing separately with similar backgrounds in different locations each (one shows Lily James leaving the studio a year ago, and another shows Evans leaving the pilates studio a year ago). Several paparazzi photographers captured Gomez later that day embracing a female friend, and in the photos, she appears to be hugging her goodbye.

Evans recently followed Gomez on Instagram, but she hasn’t followed him back. In public, both are single, although there may or may not be differences between their relationships. Their IMDB pages indicate that they have never collaborated, nor have they been photographed together.

A 2015 article from Us Weekly notes that Gomez expressed a crush on Evans. “I’ve always had a crush on Chris Evans,” said Gomez. He’s so cute, isn’t he? Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. She said, “He’s very cute.” It’s her first time telling him she’s crushing on him: “Oh my God, he’ll either love me or hate me.”

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Gomez didn’t want a serious boyfriend when she spoke to them in June. According to the source, Selena is very traditional and would like to get married and have a family someday. Her priority remains her health, career, and philanthropy work, as she is not looking for anything serious at the moment. Her physical and mental health has been steadily improving over the past few years, and she knows that if she wants to share her life with someone else. She must be at her highest fitness level, so she will only get in a serious relationship once she is ready.”

According to Gomez, rumors about her and her on-screen love interest Aaron Dominguez dating in real life started when she shot PDA scenes with him in the NBC series Only Murders in the Building in March.

Just a few days before, we had started working together. My first thought after my breakup was, ‘No wonder guys don’t like me!” she told the Los Angeles Times. “People care only about me because I’m young, and as I get older, they won’t care as much. I don’t like the part of my job at the moment. “I’m grateful that I don’t have anyone to deal with at the moment.”

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