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His Dark Materials Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast

His Dark Materials Season 3 is almost here, and if the most recent teaser is any indicator, there will be a huge battle. The most current teaser for the BBC and HBO production of Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass shows James McAvoy’s Lord Asriel assembling an army to fight the program’s primary foe, the Authority. He then declares, “I am recruiting the finest from every globe to assist me to fight the war,” vowing to do whatever it takes to win.

Lyra is reunited with her mother Mrs. Coulter following the events of the season 2 finale, but she is still on the run from the Magisterium, and the leader of this enigmatic group has given a new character Father Gomez orders.

The teaser also features the first glimpse of Lyra and Will’s epic journey as they seek the land of the dead for Roger and Will’s father.

His Dark Material Season 3 Release Date

We already know what will occur in season 3 because His Dark Materials is based on a book that has been published for many years.

Lord Asriel’s fight against religious oppression becomes more intense in The Amber Spyglass, and he enlists the assistance of creatures and forces from several other worlds as well as certain angels.


Lyra is imprisoned by Mrs. Coulter, Will searches for Lyra with the assistance of two angels who want to take him to Asriel, Mary Malone travels to a new planet to learn more about Dust from creatures known as the Mulefa, and an assassin from the Magisterium follows her.

On Monday, December 5, the new season will make its US debut. It will air on HBO and HBO Max for eight weeks. A thorough release schedule has been made public.

In contrast, no date has yet been set for publication in the UK.

Production on the following season started in 2021 after a break caused by COVID-related delays, with filming wrapping up in November.

We’d wager that they’re aiming for a similar release date in 2022 given the amount of post-production work required, including the CGI required to generate every character’s daemons.

What’s known of the cast of His dark material season 3 

James McAvoy looked to be out of the running for the second season after he vanished, but creator Jack Thorne admitted the actor was essential to make it work. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje from Suicide Squad, Jamie Ward from The Durrells, and Amber Fitzgerald-Woolf as Ama are some of the latest additions to the cast. The rebel angels Balthamos, Baruch, and Xaphania will be played by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Simon Harrison, and Chipo Chung, respectively. Sian Clifford and Jonathan Aris, who will play Agent Salmakia and Commander Roke, respectively, in season three, will also appear. 

His Dark Materials Season 3: Storyline and Plot

The Amber Spyglass, the third and concluding volume in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials novel trilogy, serves as the basis for the forthcoming season.


Asriel is striving to establish a new Republic of Heaven as the insurrection against the Authority escalates into open combat. 

We would anticipate visiting new realms, such as the Land of the Dead and one where elephant-like animals known as muleta roam, as well as learning more about angels.

Additionally, in season two, there was a scene involving a certain seat in the second episode that referenced a pivotal point in the third book and gave a hint as to how the series will end. Fans can anticipate a darker and deeper journey, as is so frequently the case with season threes. According to Wilson, I believe it’s a lot darker and sadder.

Faqs on His Dark Materials Season 3 

Will His Dark Materials season 3 releasing?

Seasons 1 and 2 of His Dark Materials are currently streaming on BBC iPlayer, and season 3 will premiere on BBC One in December.

When was the his dark materials season 3 released?

The stunning BBC fantasy story is available to watch on BBC One in the UK, and HBO Max will be the series’ streaming home in the US.

What transpires in His Dark Materials Season 3?

His Dark Materials Season 3 is going to be even darker, deeper, and weirder than previous seasons. The Magisterium wants to assassinate Lyra, the foretold the second Eve, therefore Lord Asriel is preparing a vast army to mount a rebellion against the Authority.

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