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‘Saw X’ is Highly-anticipated Horror Movie

One of the most well-known horror movie franchises ever is the Saw series. On October 29, 2004, Saw, the initial film, made its debut. It was followed by eight films, and there will be one more, Saw X, to bring the total number of films in the franchise to ten. When will Saw X, a horror film, hit theatres? Is streaming a possibility? What we currently know about the movie is included below.
The Saw franchise is regarded as a masterpiece in the horror genre, despite the fact that not all of the films are excellent—I’ll be the first to say that. Friends started making it a practice to go to the movies on opening night.

What time should we get ready to go to the movies ?

Be certain to mark this day on your calendars ! On October 27, 2023, Saw X will be released in theatres—perfect for a spooky Halloween! There are many more fantastic horror films to watch this Halloween season, despite the fact that I know what you’re thinking—it would have been awesome for the movie to come out this year.


Star Cast

Sadly, the movie’s official cast has yet to be revealed. Whether Tobin Bell will reprise his role as John Kramer, dubbed Jigsaw, is what fans want to know most. When the narrative takes place in the Saw franchise’s timeline truly makes a difference. We’ll update this site as soon as we find out who the cast is! We do know that the film will be directed by Kevin Greutert, who also worked on Saw VI (2009) and Saw 3D (2010). Greutert is familiar with the Saw series.

Saw X Plot

The movie’s plot remains a mystery, just like the cast. We infer from the title that this will be a sequel and that the plot will continue in the present.

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