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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 : What do we know about it ?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 : Has the madhouse decided to release season 7 yet ?

Since 1998, Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga has grown in popularity to the extent that not one but two anime series have adapted it. Hunter x Hunter would surely come to mind if we had to pick an anime that established the sheen subgenre. The unconventional narrative of Yoshihiro Togashi and the expertly staged action sequences made the animation an amazing voyage that seemed to go on forever. Unfortunately, the anime has been off the air since 2014, leaving fans to wonder when they will be able to watch Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

Following four seasons, the first was canceled after its 1999 premiere. Then, in 2011, Madhouse entirely redid the scenario for a separate animated series that has since been quite famous, adding two anime films to the current plotlines.

Gon Freecss is the main character of the anime series Hunter x Hunter, which follows his ongoing attempts to achieve his father’s level of accomplishment as a hunter—someone talented at unearthing unusual artifacts and creatures. For more than 140 episodes, we’ve been captivated by this fixation, and we’re here to talk about it right now.

Plot : Hunter × Hunter Season 7

Hunter x Hunter’s seventh season enters the Dark Continent Expedition storyline. The title of the novel, Beyond Netero, suggests a trek into the Dark Continent. There is hardly much return traffic. Gon’s father Ging joins the group because he believes it will help him in his own quest for a deeper knowledge of existence.

Gon, Killua, as well as the remainder of their buddies, were last seen deciding to separate ways. Gon departed to see Ging in person before joining Kite and the other Amateur Hunters. Killua decided to accompany his sister Alluka on her quest for a time. All of them have said they’d like to get back in touch at some time, but it’s not obvious when. The Dark Continent Expedition doesn’t have them as often as the manga does, but it doesn’t guarantee that the anime will follow suit.

hunter x hunter season 7
hunter x hunter season 7


Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Is it being renewed 

Hunter x Hunter season 7’s release date is not yet confirmed, although new episodes are being made. The show’s creator Yoshihiro Togashi has made hints to this effect, indicating as recently as May 2022 that a new season is being put together.

Four more episodes, for the time being, the manga artist tweeted, accompanied by a photo of a scene from a storyboard. If four episodes are created, the upcoming season of Madhouse is well underway; but, because we don’t yet know how many episodes will comprise the season, it is hard to gauge their development. Hunter x Hunter’s seasons 2 and 6 each have 12 episodes, therefore the cast may be around a third of the way through season 5, which has 61 episodes. That shows a sizable difference in the load. If, as I hope, we trend more toward the former, we could soon witness these adventures.

The television show Hunter x Hunter is available to view on Crunchyroll. There, you can watch every episode of the current season, and you can definitely watch season 7 there if you understand English.

hunter x hunter season 7
hunter x hunter season 7

FAQs :

Will Hunter x Hunter be returning in 2022 ?

The precise date of Hunter x Hunter’s return to Shonen Jump has finally been made known, following an almost four-year absence. Hunter x Hunter fans have reason to celebrate this week because the show’s nearly four-year hiatus will end on October 24, 2022.

Hunter x Hunter stopped, why ?

The sole series that Shueisha, the publisher, and Weekly Shonen Jump magazine let to take this break. An exception should be made in honor of the project’s accomplishments and Yoshihiro Togashi, who was forced to stop owing to major health issues brought on by stress and pressure.

The Hunter x Hunter anime : Has it ended ?

The final episode of the Hunter x Hunter anime, which ran through Chapter 339, was episode 148. The Hunter x Hunter manga is only chapter 391 away from being finished. There isn’t much to be adapted as there are only 52 chapters remaining before the anime. The manga has recently begun its Dark Continent arc, which is where it is currently.

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