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Hyderabad Becomes Second State To Be Certified As Water Plus City

We have all seen Indore getting the title of water plus city and the cleanest city of India. It has maintained the title for a long time and that too consecutively. While Indore was crowned as the first water plus city, Hyderabad was also added to the list. The city’s water management and usage control have led the city to the second position on the list. 

Hyderabad is the first city in the entire Telangana state to receive this title and is currently managing the water level and management with a top-notch approach. The city is recycling the wastewater into a safe and pure form of water and up to satisfaction levels. Now, the city is planning to move one step closer to make the city more clean and green. 

Indore has been an example for the entire nation in terms of water plus status and cleanliness. Its dedication towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been setting a benchmark and now Hyderabad seems to follow the footprints. The other cities of the country also need to learn more about water-saving and consumption. It’s high time that all the other nations must start getting highly serious about water saving. 

The scarcity of water is increasing with the passing time and a lot of cities are getting the problem of water availability. Even many metro cities are getting the red light signal for the water shortage, but they are not able to cope with the problem. While others are facing this serious issue, Hyderabad and Indore-like cities are becoming the ideal examples. 

The government must try to learn from these cities and impose similar rules and regulations to deal with the problem of water shortage. Indore is said to have recycled around 30% of total sewage water into right usage. 

That’s a huge achievement for the city in regards to hygiene and sanitation. Both Indore and Hyderabad are receiving many rewards after getting the water plus status. The entire nation should start focusing more on the recycling and reusing of wastewater or used water. The cities are also working hard now to improve the air quality index as well. Air pollution is a very sudden problem and could become a huge problem in the future.

Both cities have already started working in this context and hopefully, we will see some revolution soon.



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