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Find out everything about Vanessa Bayer’s new showtime release “I love that for you”


I love that for you is a Vanessa Bayer and Jeremy Beiler conceived and executive produced show titled “I Love That for You” an upcoming American comedy television program on Showtime. Bayer plays Joanna Gold, an ambitious host on shopping channel SVN who lies about her childhood cancer returning in order to maintain her job; the plot of I love that for you will be based on Bayer’s own childhood leukemia experience.

Find out everything about I love that for you including the release date, plot, storyline, the cast, and directors in this blog. 

The storyline of I love that for you 

In I love that for you, It turns out it’s a flashback, and a little girl is watching the shopping channel from her hospital bed in Cleveland, around 1997, as if the blurry TV screen didn’t give it away. She’s grinning while watching TV, but I love that for you show her planning to use her leukemia diagnosis to persuade one of the nurses to give her the rest of her birthday cake, or to persuade her mother to buy her the bracelet she saw on TV. We cut to 2022 when the title card displays in I love that for you. Joanna Gold (Bayer), the little girl, has grown into Joanna Gold (Bayer), who is still living with her parents and even works for one of them.

She decides it’s time to really go for it and auditions for SVN (the Special Value Network) after an unpleasant run-in with an old high-school classmate. Gold is faking it till she makes it through life until she obtains her dream job and learns that her hero, Jackie (Shannon), is in charge of her on-the-job training.

Cast and Crew: I love that for you 

Vannesa Bayer of course names on the top of the list in I love that for you, following her we will get to see Patricia (Jennifer Lewis), SVN’s CEO, is joined by Darcy (Matt Rogers), her top assistant in I love that for you, and Beth Ann (Ayden Mayeri), a competing SVN host. However, not everyone appears to be as rough around the edges. Jordan (Paul James), the affable stage manager, or Beena (Punam Patel), the control-room producer for I love that for you has together made a well-knit team.

Michael Showalter directed the pilot of I love that for you, which has a slower burn than, say, Search Party, which he co-created. But, given that Showalter and the other executive producers, including Jessi Klein, Jeremy Beiler, and Bayer.

I love that for you: what will the plot be like? 

In real life, Bayer comes from the Cleveland suburbs and was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 15, but she’s traded SNL for SVN is of course the plot to be focused on in I love that for you. 

So she clearly has the life experience to draw on when depicting Gold’s inner thoughts after making it to the big city and faking it till she makes it. Her comedic talents here are reminiscent of how she shone behind the Weekend Update desk with characters like Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy and flailing meteorologist Dawn Lazarus. In her final season in 2017, Bayer received an Emmy nomination for her efforts.

When Bayer and Shannon are paired together, it appears to be a match made in heaven in I love that for you. However, the competitive spirit of all of the SVN hosts and executives isn’t quite fierce enough, even though Jenifer Lewis’s employer Patricia recalls me in all the best aspects of Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty. The analogies to Ugly Betty, on the other hand, fall short for this Showtime group. So far, at least.

The first season of I love that for you is tied together by two threads: one focusing on Joanna’s big lie and whether she’ll be able to squirm her way out of it, and the other on how her debut on the shopping channel is juxtaposed with Jackie’s 30th anniversary on-air and how Jackie’s crumbling personal life may affect her professional life. Is it going to be enough to keep us engaged and heighten the narrative lines? Well, we have to wait till we watch and review I love that for you. However there are some frequently asked questions we can answer for you on I love that for you, find them out below. 

When will I love that for you release? 

Showtime’s network show I love that for you is set to be premiered with its very first episode on the 29th of April, 2022. 

How many episodes are there in I love that for you?

I love that for you, a show filmed in Los Angeles consists of a total number of eight episodes in the entire series. I Love This for You was the initial title of the program and has been released on the 29th of april. 

Where can I watch I love that for you?

I Love That for You, a new Showtime series starring Vanessa Bayer and Molly Shannon, launches on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET. you can stream on fuboTV, live stream the series premiere of I Love That for You. 

What is I love that for you really about? 

I love that for you reveal the story of a lady who overcomes childhood leukemia to realize her ambition of becoming a home shopping network on-air personality. It is a television comedy by showtime.

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