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If you are able to finish this Kathi roll, you can win ₹20,000!

Many of us like eating different varieties of rolls, they are just one of the best go-to foods and handy enough to do your work and on the other hand, have something while you are hungry. So it is, of course, one of the most eaten foods in the country. And as there are many rolls and Frankie lovers out there, it has to be informed to them that there is now a chance for you to win a cash award of ₹20,000 if you are able to finish a single roll within 20 minutes. Well sounds easy right? If you are thinking that it is “just so easy”, wait till you hear about the biggest twist. It turns out that you have to finish a huge 10 kg roll within the given time so that you can win the award! A 10 kg roll within 20 minutes, well now it does not sound easy at all! A video that showcases the preparation of the item is getting viral and has now left everyone both amazed and also amused. A roadside food stall in Model Town 3rd, Delhi has come up with a challenge that anyone who dares to finish the 10 Kg Kathi rolls in 20 minutes will win a cash prize of Rs 20,000.

The video was uploaded by the official Instagram page of The Food Cult (username:- @the.food_cult). It captioned, “World’s Biggest Kathi Roll. 10KG ka hai yeh. 20-minute mai khatam karo aur 20000/- leajao cash,” shared along with the video. The clip shows a street food vendor in Delhi. “The video shows that at first, the vendor rolls out a big dough onto a flat surface. In the next step, he then puts it in a Tawa. The video next shows that the vendor further adds 30 eggs, and mixes them with some salt and spices. So as the base is prepared by him, the man then gets busy preparing the filing separately. Talking about the filling, the man uses boiled noodles, some vegetables and includes many other ingredients. In the end, he then garnishes the filling using ketchup, lemon juice, and mayonnaise. Lastly, the video ends with the man explaining the challenge, about how it has to be eaten within 20 minutes. 

Since the video has been shared, the video has gained more than 9.7 lakh views and the numbers are still increasing. The video has also gained tons of comments. And people are shocked by the size of the roll. The comment section was filled with a lot of comments, talking and discussing the giant Kathi roll.

One Instagram user commented, ” jeet sakte hai 20 hazaar rupaye, bas do din tak bhuka rehana padega isko pura khatam karne ke liye.” Another one commented, “Amazing”  A few netizens also talked about the vendor’s comment “mayonnaise ke bina Dilli nahi chalti [Dilli can’t operate without mayonnaise].”  And many of them were amazed and stunned by seeing the huge roll and making of the roll.

Nowadays, these types of food challenges are becoming quite viral and challenges in the country in which people eat huge amounts of food within a given time by the eatery, either to get famous or get some prize money. These challenges are usually held by many eating joints where they will also offer a good cash prize to people for eating a hefty amount of food within minutes. And usually, people either love to watch these types of videos or they would always like to give a chance by trying these huge foods.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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