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Indian bodybuilder makes it to the Guinness World Records. Read the full story

This Indian man who is now one of the most famous bodybuilders recognized around the world has successfully got the world record title. He is now well renowned for being the shortest competitive bodybuilder in the world. Pratik Vitthal Mohite is an Indian man who has made his nation proud by getting recognized in the prestigious Guinness World Records. Pratik Mohite is 3 feet and 4 inches tall and grabbed the title of the shortest competitive bodybuilder. He had applied for the record because of his friend. His friend suggested he should apply for the title by the Guinness World Records and he took up his suggestion and went for it. 

Well, Pratik ended up lifting the title and he is proud to hold a world record in his name and to receive the prestigious title now. Well, Guinness World Records holds an official YouTube channel and his video was out on the YouTube platform. In this video which was shared on YouTube by the Guinness World Record, you can see Pratik Virtual Mohite talking about his daily routine. He also speaks about all the different ways in which he ensured his victory and how he got the title by the Guinness World Records. As per the report Pratik Mohit spoke to the team of Guinness World Records saying, “It was my dream to achieve a Guinness World Records title and it’s such an honor to achieve it. I’m very happy and till now this will be my biggest achievement in my career.” Many Indian social media users and other netizens have also shared his video on social media platforms to appreciate him for his efforts and shower their love on the bodybuilder. 

Pratik also added that he is always sure to have a healthy breakfast to start his day, which has special diet food. In the afternoon, he hits the gym for two hours at least every single day to work out on his body. He concludes his day with a 30-minute-long run every day. Other than that, Pratik also said that he likes playing cricket with his friends whenever he is free. As per the statement officially given by Pratik Mohite, he aims to own a gym of his own. 

He also stated that getting this world record by the prestigious Guinness World Records team is one step ahead for him to achieve his goal and he will be achieving it soon in the upcoming future. Pratik has now become an inspiration for many other bodybuilders who have been looking to achieve their goals and want to set a record and get a title for the efforts too. 

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