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Indian bride breaks stereotypes as she leads her own Baraat!

Indian weddings and its amazing ceremonies are something that you often find on the Internet and who can say no to search beautiful videos? Nowadays couples have always thought of adding some new element to their weddings not only to make it more remarkable but also to keep their weddings memorable for a very long time so that the guests remember the ceremonies, especially the couples Grand entry.

The great Indian weddings and the band baaja baaraat is something that has always fascinated many social media users, especially the desi netizens with all of its unique rituals. Usually, the stereotype is that the Baraat is something that is reserved for the groom and he is the one who will lead his family members in the Baraat. 

However, a beautiful Indian bride in Bihar took her wedding to a whole new level when she decided to break the stereotypes. Yes, this bride led her ‘baraat’ (wedding procession) while sitting on a mare, and thankfully it was captured on camera. Now the video which shows the dancing bride leading her own Baraat is going crazy viral on the Internet and all the social media users who came across the video cannot just get enough of it now. 

The short video clip showing the unique ritual is winning the millions of hearts of the people on the internet. While everyone would have seen a groom going to marry his bride on a horse, the bride named Anushka Guha from Gaya rode a mare in her bridal lehenga. In the video clip, she is seen marching along with her friends and family members and is seen all ready to reach her groom’s house. 

The bride, Guha is a flight attendant by profession and she tied the knot with Jeet Mukharjee. He is a Kolkata-based businessman, and the couple tied the knot earlier this week. The Wedding video showed the bride dancing on the horseback. She was having a blast with our friends and families, shedding the coy image of desi brides. She was seen enjoying every single moment of a wedding and stated “I am going to get my husband. I thought all the boys go. I am a girl, why should I not go? I thank my husband that he didn’t mind this,” Guha spoke to ANI. Well, the bride’s mother also spoke to local media and she said that her daughter had always questioned patriarchy and the practice of a groom going to the bride’s house. 

Why is the groom always on horseback on the wedding day? “We used to tell her that these are traditions being followed from generations but could never satisfied her. She always said that she would break the tradition and do the opposite,” her mother added. Many social media users who came across the video were impressed by her taking such an initiative. Also many praised her for being able to sit gracefully on a horse while wearing a heavy lehenga on her big day.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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