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IndiGo crew makes passenger announcement in Bhojpuri, gains praises online!

The announcements which are made in flight are usually unheard of by the passengers and people don’t give so much attention to it. But this time, a pilot’s announcement has grabbed the attention of not only the passengers but also many people online. The announcement, which was made by the pilot on an IndiGo flight, has indeed won many hearts on the Internet. Usually, people make announcements In English or in Hindi. But this time the captain spoke in Bhojpuri, which left everyone amazed. The video of the captain speaking in Bhojpuri is now going viral, which is winning hearts online. 

In the video, which was captured by a passenger on an IndiGo flight, an IndiGo captain was seen welcoming all the people on board in Bhojpuri which left every passenger surprised. As it was mentioned earlier, the announcements in the flight are usually done in Hindi along with English, but this time it was done in the Bhojpuri language. Although Bhojpuri is widely spoken in Bihar, it is really shocking to see announcements in Bhojpuri.

A man was heard announcing in Bhojpuri, “we, the IndiGo family, welcome you all…. Captain Pratik is in the cockpit…. Marsi, Sonika, Yashee, and Komal are in charge of the crew.” The man was further heard saying, “ The flight is not fully loaded. There are fewer passengers on this route due to Diwali and the chhath puja. Passengers are more on the returning route.”

Further, he asked whether his Bhojpuri is okay and understandable by everyone out there. He was seen announcing, “are you people understanding the Bhojpuri language or should I translate it in Hindi? Is my Bhojpuri okay?” Seen in the video is when the man was asking if his Bhojpuri is understandable, the passenger who was recording the clip was seen showing his thumbs up.

The man further acknowledged that Bihar has multiple languages, such as Maithli, Mahgim, Thethi, You noted that he only knows Bhojpuri and hence this was the only choice of language he would speak. 

The video was uploaded by Devendra N Tiwari on his Twitter account, which has gained many likes and comments. As he uploaded the video, he wrote a caption that reads, “Thanks @IndiGo6E for giving you recognition to Bhojpuri, an international language but neglected by all governments for several decades, not according it an official language status.” Well, the video has gained many likes and comments and everyone has started praising the man who has given importance to Bhojpuri. Especially the people who know Bhojpuri really happy because of it, as during the era where English and Hindi are considered the most spoken languages, The captain opted to speak in Bhojpuri.

A Twitter user commented, “I congratulate and felicitate @IndiGo6E for this great initiative. This is how corporate India can help preserve and promote Indian languages and culture. And get closer to their customers’ consumers. Urge other airlines, companies to take similar steps.” While the other one said, “ So lovely, it makes native travelers more comfortable too.”

Well, this thoughtful move by the crew has left everyone delighted alike for sure!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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