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Infinite Stratos Season 3: Casts, Plot, Release date and much more information!    

Infinite Stratos is a well known Japanese anime series. It’s based on light novels. Many people enjoy watching animated shows. Well, as you are here, let us assume that Anime is your favorite as well. As the 2nd season of Infinite Stratos aired, many fans got quite excited for a renewal. The fans were so eager that they demanded a renewal. They started to wait for more information on Infinite Stratos Season 3. This article will provide information on this anime and the popularity of the 3rd Season.

Well the popularity of Infinite Stratos and also its IMDb ratings are quite a lot. And comments and reviews. These can also be the driving force behind the anticipated sequel. So there are chances for Infinite Stratos Season 3.

This article is about the third season of Infinite Stratos. The article provides details like plot, cast etc. It also includes a trailer.

The collaboration of Izuru Yumizuru and Okiura happened for the script for anime. The anime is completely based on a manga series named Bokutachi no Maria. The story revolves around the famous Infinite Stratos technology. IS technology is the most potent combat weapon to date. The armored exoskeleton is now spread worldwide. This is actually done to ensure that no one can overtake the other unfairly. The Third season is also directed by Eight Bit and Yasuhito Kikuchi. The third season will be the same too if chances are there. All the characters are completely designed by Tomoyasu Kurashima and Shunichiro Yoshihara. The sound direction is also done by Masafumi Mima. And they’re all directed by Tomoyasu Kurashima.

The plot revolves around Ichika Orimura. He becomes the first male Infinite Stratos pilot. He got into the famous Infinite Stratos Academy.  The Infinite Stratos Academy is a worldwide institution. This is the place which educates the IS pilots from all across the World. In the academy, he also meets Houki Shinonono, his childhood best friend.

Let us know more about Season 3 of Infinite Stratos!

The Third Season of Infinite Stratos Plotline

Season 3 will also revolve around the tale of 15-year-old Ichika Orimura. We can expect an unforeseen event to uproot his life. At that time, he finds out that he is the only boy who was able to operate Infinite Stratos gear. Soon, the news spreaded everywhere. Then there was a time when he managed to capture fine beasts and earn profit. He became so famous that male gamblers started believing in him. Then, Ichika got idolized and followers started to believe in him.

The Japanese government later decides to enroll Ichika in the Infinite Stratos Academy. It is a place where IS pilots from all around the world went for training. Well, the story has a twist that it is an all-women’s academy. Because of this one-of-a-kind capacity, he ends up in an all-female school. The place is where young ladies become IS pilots after graduation. 


It can be now expected Ichika begins his new life in Season 3 with complete enjoyment. Bit concerns and dangers are very distant too. He struggles to balance all his duties with a full enjoyable life. The season may continue to show us his life at IS Academy. Maybe the story can also be a continuation of graduation and life after graduation.

The Characters of the Season 3 of Infinite Stratos

The main characters, resulting to make this series famous among its followers are:

  • Ichika Orimura played by Josh Grelle.
  • Monica Rial as Houki Shinonono
  • Cecilia Alcott played by Brittney Karbowski.
  • Hilary Haag plays Huang Lingyin.
  • Maya Yamada played by Cynthia Martinez.
  • Charlotte Dunois appears as Shannon Emerick.
  • Luci Christian as Chifuyu Orimura

Release date of Infinite Stratos Season 3:

Season 3 of Infinite Stratos has not yet been announced. The First Season of the series created by studio Eight Bit got released in 2011. It had an overall 12-episode series. The anime was later followed by another OVA. The OVA was Infinite Stratos Encore, A Sextet Yearning For Love. It got released that same year.

Season 2 was appropriately named Infinite Stratos 2. Also, it had 12 episodes. The second season aired in 2013.

Two OVAs were then released following the show. Both are: Long Vacation Edition, and World Purge-hen.

Since then, there has been nothing new within the Infinite Stratos franchise. There is no news on animated adaptations. This has indeed left those who love the series wondering. Fans are in a doubt whether it’s the end of the road for the franchise.

Unfortunately, there has been no information released about the show. So it is not sure as there is no announcement of its continuation or its cancellation. A big part of the reason can be the original material.

These light novel series have been in production for some time. But there are few of them. And thus, there’s not much to adapt for the new Season.

Also, adding to this, we have to accept the fact that much time has passed since the last Season 2. This has now made the prospect of Infinite Stratos Season 3 even less likely.

But, it can be now expected that Infinite Stratos Season 3 will have 12 episodes if released. And if it gets released, the 3rd season will be the series finale (the final one).

Infinite Stratos Season 3 Trailer

The Season 3 official trailer has not been released yet. To get an overall idea about the about the anime, see below

The video will help you to understand about the previous seasons of Infinite Stratos.

Frequently Asked Questions On Infinite Stratos

What is the plot of Infinite Stratos Season 3?

Season 3 of Infinite Stratos is a Japanese anime series. It is completely based on light novels.

What is it about?

The story revolves around Ichika Orimura. This 15-year-old boy is the protagonist of Infinite Stratos.



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