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Information about the Cast and What is Known About The Dragon Prince Season 4

It isn’t easy to comprehend how long it has been since The Dragon Prince has had brand-new episodes available, and it was November 2019! Despite the prolonged wait, everyone engaged in the show’s production has found time well spent; however, there will be more later. Here is a recap on who created the show, what it’s about, and where we left all these people last time. Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond collaborated on the creation of The Dragon Prince. Ehasz has a long history in the animation industry. He served as the showrunner and chief writer for Futurama and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

However, Richmond, most known for his work on the Uncharted series, comes to TV from the video game industry. The story finally centers on two human princes who are half-brothers, Callum and Ezran, and an elven assassin, Rayla, who unanticipatedly team up to defend the young dragon prince, Zym. They come into contact with the 1000-year battle between the human kingdoms and the magical creatures of their realm, Xadia, while on their quest to reconcile Zym with his mother. Our central trio succeeded in getting Zym back at the end of season three, and they also put a stop to several of the kingdoms’ protracted conflicts. With the November release of Season 4, we’re finally very close to seeing what occurs next in the show.

Check out our guide to all we know so far while we wait for the new season to start.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release date

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will debut on Netflix on November 3, 2022, after a protracted three-year delay. Being a Netflix exclusive, Seasons 1-3 are also available to view here if you want to catch up before the new season debuts or rewatch the show before it returns.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 -1

The cast of The Dragon Prince Season 4  

The Dragon Prince has created an enormous cast of characters across all the kingdoms of Xadia throughout its first three seasons, and most, if not all, are expected to return in Season 4. The characters are brought to life by a sizable group of outstanding voice actors who match this.

Jack De Sena plays Callum, Paula Burrows plays Rayla, Sasha Rojen plays Ezran, Jason Simpson plays Viren, Racquel Belmonte plays Claudia, Jesse Inocalla plays Soren, and Erik Todd Dellums plays Aaravos in the main cast.

The plot of The Dragon Prince Season 4  

Starting from the trailer, Ezran’s reign as King of Katolis proves immensely successful because the elves and dragons have continued to be human allies. This plot will undoubtedly remain the main emphasis of this upcoming season because Aaravos will become a dangerous magical power to be with due to his growing presence. To stop him, everyone will have to band together once more. However, since Season 4 is titled “The Mystery of Aaravos,” it now seems to represent a significant advancement in this plot. The series’ antagonist, Viren, has been by Aaravos, an ancient Startouch Elf imprisoned in a magic mirror. The character’s as-yet-unknown past and his aspirations for Xadia will presumably be expanded upon in Season 4.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 -2

Season 4 has sometimes been to as Book 4: Earth. The Moon, Sky, and Sun are after “primal sources” in the program, continuing a theme started by earlier seasons. Callum is sad since Rayla fled after the battle, but she has returned with some exciting new equipment and powers. It will be fascinating to watch what drives this couple back together after a long separation and whether or not the rift in their relationship can be fine. There is also the issue of Viren, Claudia, and Soren, a fractured family.

Viren is back to life by Claudia, but the spell only lasts for 30 days, so they must seek assistance from Aaravos. On the other hand, Soren has saved himself by rejecting his family and refusing to participate in their heinous plans. He might still be helping to defend Ezran as a member of the Crownguard.


The first official trailer for Season 4 has arrived after months of teasing, demonstrating how much has changed in Xadia since our previous visit! We now know that two years have passed after the decisive battle in which humans, elves, and dragons combined their forces to defeat Viren’s army. Even though these new partners have been working hard to keep the peace between their countries, unrest is again developing. All of our favorite characters in Xadia appear to be in for a dramatic and action-packed season 4, especially with a greater emphasis on the enigmatic Aaravos.


The Dragon Prince will have a fourth season?

Early November 2022 marks the premiere of the upcoming season of the Netflix animated series. On November 3rd, 2022, The Dragon Prince will make its fourth season debut after over two years.

Is the Dragon Prince television series over?

On September 14, 2018, the first season debuted. Season 1 debuted on February 15, 2019, Season 2 on November 22, 2019, and Season 3 on November 3, 2019. After a three-year break, season 4 will debut on November 3, 2022. Three more seasons of the show have been out. Contains nine episodes in each.

Is Dragon Prince Claudia a bad guy?

Despite everything, Claudia is not evil; instead, she only takes the actions she does out of a genuine desire to prevent her family from disintegrating. She pleaded with Soren not to force her to choose between him and Viren, as she was here to decide when she was a youngster living with her parents.

Who is The Dragon Prince’s antagonist?

The main antagonist of the Netflix fantasy animation series The Dragon Prince is Lord Viren, also known as Viren. He is the High Mage of Katolis, King Harrow’s advisor, and a master of dark magic with a vision for humanity’s future that involves getting rid of Xadia.


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