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IRCTC to launch India’s Cruise liner from September 18

The Indian railway catering and tourism corporation IRCTC on Wednesday finally announced in a statement that they have launched India’s first luxury Cruise liner and that this will be started from September 18. According to some reports, it is also known that IRCTC has made a collaboration with Cordelia Cruises, which is a private company. Amazing to know that the bookings to experience this luxurious Cruise ship has been open and it can be done on the official website of IRCTC that is, www.irctctourism.com

IRCTC has made a statement that it has made collaboration and signed the agreement with the private company Cordelia Cruises, which is operated by M/s Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt. Ltd to make promotion and also marketing for the first indigenous and luxury Cruise in India. The statement also mentioned that this amazing luxury Cruise travel is offered under IRCTC’s umbrella of tourism service to the public. 

IRCTC also said that Cruises is also India’s luxury Cruise liner and it helps to promote and increase the cruise culture in India through experiences that are luxurious, stylish and the most important point is that it is inherently Indian. It also said that this is a Cruise liner for Indians catering to the way Indians love to holiday.

IRCTC has assured that the guests who will be traveling through the ship will have a great experience of sailing and we’ll also experience some of the best Indian and international destinations such as Diu, Goa, Lakshadweep, Sri Lanka, and Kochi.

Cordelia cruises will start its luxurious services from September 18 and in the first phase, the Cruise ship will be sailing through to various Indian destinations which have its base atom Mumbai and later the Cruise will be shifted to Chennai in May 2022 and sold to the destination in Sri Lanka like Trincomalee, Colombo, Jaffna, and Galle. 

The most common and popular tour plan of Cordelia Cruises are mostly which starts from 

  • Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai,
  • Mumbai–Diu–Mumbai, 
  • Mumbai-at sea–Mumbai, 
  • Kochi – Lakshadweep– at sea – Mumbai, 
  • Mumbai – at sea – Lakshadweep – at sea – Mumbai

and even more!

And one of the statements by IRCTC also mentioned that one can enjoy a lot of leisure activities such as going to restaurants, swimming pools, bars, open cinemas, theatre, kids’ area, gymnasium while traveling on Cordelia cruises. 

The crew members are fully vaccinated and health checks are also conducted for the crew members as per the covid-19 protocol. Hourly sanitization is also conducted for the safety of the guests. Air filtration and social distancing norms would also be followed and such measures are taken only to avoid the possibility of the spread of coronavirus. To avoid the spread of coronavirus the number of guests in the Cruise ship will also be limited according to the mandate by the government. All the medical measures are also taken as the cruise ship also contains a fully functional medical center, which is equipped with all the medical essential items.

Along with this launch of a luxurious Cruise shift in India, IRCTC is also in the progress of collaborating and signing agreements with the major International Cruise liners and also they will provide their bookings on the web portal of IRCTC as soon as this covid pandemic situation comes to its normal state and the international cruises with their operations.

So the people who wanted to experience Cruise services and the people who wanted to travel through waterways, and added this to their bucket list, well, be ready for September 18 as from September 18 you can plan to make one of your bucket list wishes come true!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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