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Is Nikki Glaser Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Her previous name was Nicole Rene Glaser. American stand-up comedian, actor, and presenter Nikki Glaser is well-known. Speaking about her comedic talent, Nikki has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno, where she performed and won a lot of admirers. Not to add, she is an accomplished actress who has been in a number of movies, including I, Feel Pretty in 2018. Additionally, Nikki has hosted a number of reality television programs, including You’re Welcome (2012), Awkward After Show, Cooking With Paris (2021), and many others that we will discuss further down.

Full NameNicole Rene Glaser
Birth DateJune 1, 1984
Birth PlaceCincinnati, Ohio, United States
Nick NameNikki
Father’s NameEdward J. Glaser
Mother’s NameJulie E. Glaser
Age38 years
Height1.75 M
Weight66 KG
ProfessionComedian, Actor
Marital StatusUn-Married
BoyfriendChris Convy
Net Worth$2 Million

Who is the boyfriend of Nikki Glaser? Relationship Status

Nikki Glaser is presently single and not dating anybody as of January 2022. Her most recent committed relationship was quite difficult. The comedian hasn’t been seen outside recently with anyone. She always sought to keep her private life hidden from the public view because her previous relationship was complicated. Nikki Glaser appears to be devoted right now to both herself and undoubtedly her profession. Her enormous amount of effort is a tangible example of her achievement.

Speaking of her most recent committed relationship, Nikki had a romantic relationship with television producer Chris Convoy. They both frequently appeared on the red carpet in tandem. They parted in 2016, but they were able to conceal the cause of their breakup. Like in television dramas, she thinks most relationships don’t last when it comes to hers. Nikki used to make jokes about getting her ex-boyfriend intimate with a female.

Nikki Glaser bf

Chris Convy and Nikki Glaser’s ex-boyfriend made amends on her E! sitcom.

Stand-up comedian Chris Convy and writer and producer Chris Convy have been dating on and off for more than 10 years. The two met for the first time in 2013 as Nikki co-hosted the MTV late-night talk program Nikki & Sara Live. The show’s producer was Chris. Even while they searched for a romantic companion, the two continued to work together. The sitcom was canceled after one season, and Nikki and Chris shortly split up.

When Was Nikki Glaser Born? Size and Weight

Nikki Glaser, a dynamic actress and comedian, was born in 1984, making her 37 years old as of January 2022. Nikki Glaser is 5 feet tall and 57 kg, respectively, in terms of height and weight.

Family and Education Information of Nikki Glaser 

The parents of Nikki Glaser are Julie E. Glaser and Edward J. Glaser; she also has a sister named Lauren Glaser.

She went to Kirkwood High School for her academics. She then started attending University of Colorado Boulder. She attended the University of Kansas, where she got a degree in English Literature after dropping out of college.

Remarkable work of Nikki Glaser 

Nikki Glaser has hosted a number of programmes, including Blind Date (2019), You’re Welcome (2012), Cooking with Paris (2021), and Awkward After Show. She also served as the presenter of the dating reality series FBOY Island on HBO Max last year. We are all aware of her comedic side in addition to her work as a host. She rose to fame as a comic after appearing on Last Comic Standing. Additionally, Nikki Glaser made cameos on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and History Of Swear Words (2020). (2019). You had no idea that she had presided as a judge for the Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle in 2017.

Nikki Glaser

FAQ on Nikki Glaser boyfriend 

Are Chris and Nikki Glaser remaining a couple?

The sitcom was cancelled after one season, and Nikki and Chris shortly split up. “You’re so pessimistic, everyone used to say, but I’m not pretending that I simply made it. When we initially received the show, I used to predict that it would be cancelled eventually.

Has Nikki Glaser ever had kids?

She is wed to Matt, a wonderful man. They share two children, and a third is on the way. Nikki’s job always seemed to come first, even though their mother, Julie Glaser, always believed her girls would eventually have children.

Nikki Glaser is she wealthy?

Nikki Glaser is an American stand-up comedian, podcast and radio host, actress, television personality, writer, and producer with a net worth of $2 million.

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