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Is Travis Scott rumored to be cheating on Kylie Jenner? Rogen Kar’s Alleged Slams Him Publically

Due to the controversy in their personal life, the Kardashians and Jenner are seldom out of the news. While Kim Kardashian is in the news because of Kanye West, Kylie Jenner is currently making headlines because of rumors that Travis Scott is cheating on her. The 25-year-old millionaire has accused the 31-year-old musician from Astroworld of cheating on him with his ex, 27-year-old supermodel Rojean Kar. Click the drama below to read it!

Prior to 2013, when Scott and Jenner’s romance officially began, there had long been romantic ties between Travis and Rogen. A brief breakup between Stormi’s parents in 2019 also brought up the supermodel’s name. Both had previously refuted the rumors. Kar’s Instagram Story, nevertheless, revived the infidelity rumors a few days ago. In a video that was posted, Travis could be seen in the backdrop of what appeared to be the set for a music video.

Rogen Kar posted the video to her personal social media account with the description “I’m directing obvi.” With a wink emoji, Rojean captioned the Instagram story. The supermodel apparently responded on a set photo that The Shade Room had uploaded alongside Kar’s account before deleting it.

Travis Scott responded by writing in all caps on his Instagram stories, “It’s a lot of weird shit going on. While I was directing a video, someone who wasn’t invited was secretly taking pictures on a set that was supposed to be closed. This is the last time I’ll say it. I’ve never met this individual. I’ve never dated this individual before. Rogen Kar posted a video in response to Travis Scott’s article disputing the charges of adultery. This means that we won’t lie to me since I’ve been good, the 27-year-old supermodel is heard saying in the clip.

The supermodel said that to claim you don’t know me and you’ve never been with me when you’ve certainly been with me when everyone’s seen you with me when I have photographs and videos of you with me. Before criticizing Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend and baby day. Please, sir. Even on Valentine’s Day, the supermodel said, I saw you, I bolted out the door, and you had every female I knew blowing me up, saying, ‘Travis calling for you, come back. Are we trying to deny that also occurred? You lie to that all the time. The entire city is aware of it. Kar’s Instagram account is temporarily hidden, so The Shade Room recorded and uploaded the footage.

Users speculated that their purported affair was the reason for him and Kylie taking a break from their relationship in 2019 when romance allegations about the two first appeared. At the time, she dispelled the accusations on her Instagram Stories, and a source close to the rapper added that any claims of infidelity are wholly untrue.

In a statement, Travis Scott denied the claims that he cheated on Kylie Jenner with Instagram influencer Rojean Kar.

Online rumors of a relationship between Rojean Kar and Travis Scott went viral last week. The social media personality who is rumored to have dated Travis in the past released a video from the set of a shoot with Travis, and that was when everything began. People saw Rojean’s tweet as evidence that she and Travis were rekindling their relationship, but now Travis has come clean.

By uploading a picture of his Valentine’s Day celebrations with Kylie with the remark. Travis has since openly addressed Rogen.

Kylie has not yet responded to the situation.

Faqs on kylie Jenner and Travis Scott 

Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are a couple?

In a touching video in September 2021, Kylie revealed that she and Travis were expecting their second child. The happy couple received their kid, whose name was initially Wolf Webster, on February 2, 2022, only one day after Stormi turned four. Since then, the couple has been going strong.

How long did Kylie and Travis Scott have been dating?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner started dating in 2017 after meeting at Coachella. Jenner gave birth to Stormi Webster, their first child together, in February 2018, ten months later. In October 2019, they broke up, although they subsequently got back together. Their second kid was just welcomed.

When Kylie first met Travis Scott, how old was she?

Coachella spectators in Indio, California, where the rapper was scheduled to perform, reported seeing Jenner and Scott there this year. The new couple gained attention after a video of them strolling together with their hands intertwined circulated.

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