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Jessica Simpson’s Shocking Revelation: How Her Kids React to Body-Shaming Trolls and Her 100-Pound Triumph

Jessica Simpson is speaking out against those who have targeted her with weight-related remarks throughout her career. The acclaimed artist emphasizes the need to move away from weight-centered conversations, which she recently discussed in an interview with Access Hollywood.

“Discussing weight isn’t what we should be focusing on,” the 43-year-old singer remarked. “This shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation.”

Simpson has expressed her understanding towards other women who’ve faced similar body-related scrutiny. She also highlighted how her children struggle to comprehend the undue attention towards her physique.

“They wonder, ‘Why can’t people simply compliment you, Mom? You look lovely,'” Simpson shared, reflecting on her children’s response to the ongoing criticisms.

Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, whom she married in 2014, are parents to Maxwell Drew, 11; Ace Knute, 10; and Birdie Mae, 4.

Simpson continued, “I wish I had an easy answer. Despite the hopes that things might change, the feedback seems consistent.”

In a previous interview with Extra last September, the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer opened up about the emotional distress caused by the public’s unwarranted opinions on her appearance.

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“I’ve faced criticism. It stings, but I’ve experienced various body phases, and I’ve always been proud,” Simpson affirmed.

Recently, after rumors spread about Simpson using a Type 2 diabetes medication, Ozempic, to lose weight, she dismissed such claims in a Bustle interview. Simpson attributes her weight loss to sheer determination and questioned the expectations people held about her, asking, “Do they prefer when I was drinking and heavier, or maybe expecting another child? My body has its limits.”

Simpson firmly declared, “I won’t let negativity sidetrack me. It might sting, but I’ve matured beyond that.”

In a heartfelt post from April 2022, Simpson proudly showcased her 100-pound weight loss journey on Instagram, sharing a joyful snapshot in a bikini. “This achievement felt unimaginable, having gained and lost 100lbs three times. But here I am, confidently donning a bikini!” she wrote.

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