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Jhannat Mirchi ice cream rolls leave the internet speechless! Watch the viral video now.

Can the internet ever get enough of all the wizard food recipes that we often find now and then on so many social media platforms? It seems like the answer to this question is no as once again we have found a sweet dish recipe that is taking the internet by storm as people are showing their anger on how much they hate the idea of the existence of this recipe. After knowing about the dishes like ‘oreo pakoda’ and ‘rasgulla chaat’, today the internet has added another bizarre eating trend to its list and people are showing how much they are upset about that. 

 Currently, a video of ‘Jhannat Mirchi Ice Cream Roll’ has been surfacing on the internet online. More than 90% of the social media users who have come across the idea of having Mirchi in The ice-cream Rose are left disgusted and annoyed by the existence of this dish. The short video clip was shared by food vlogger Rishab Singh from the well-known place of Indore. The video was initially posted on the YouTube channel named Spoons of Indore 2.0 but now has been spreading on so many social media platforms like wildfire in the forest. Currently, the video has got more than seven lakh views and the count keeps increasing every single second. Also, the video has more than 38,000 likes.

 Well, you can see in the video that a street vendor first cuts green chilies and adds Nutella mixing it. Later in the video, as seen, he pours milk cream and mixes it well in the process of making the ice cream rolls. After that, the mixture once mixed well is put in the freezer and made into rolls. At the end of the video, the vendor adds chilly pieces over the rolls as a final touch garnishing. As seen in the video, while the vendor hands over the ice cream to a customer, the customer states, “Too many chilies have been added.” 

Almost all of the social media users who came across the video scene seeing the mix of chilies and ice cream just found it weird while many others also jokingly commented on the idea. “We seriously need Food Abuse Control Bureau of India(FACBI),” said a user. Another user commented, “My respect for Thanos is increasing day by day.” From Maggi Milkshake to Oreo Pakodas and Mirchi Ice Cream, from the past few months, we have seen that there has been no dearth of bizarre food items created.

source = youtube
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