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Jungkook is dating Lee Yoo Bi, a member of BTS. Rumours are addressed by the label of a well-known actress.

ARMY was taken off guard when rumours of BTS member Jungkook dating actress Lee Yoo Bi resurfaced on social media.
The K-pop star and the actress have been dating quietly since 2018, according to sources. According to a YouTuber, Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi have been tempting fans with photographs and social media posts about their secret affair. The YouTuber highlighted a handful of the two celebs’ posts in the video and pointed out similarities, implying that they are dating.

Lee Yoo Bi’s company quickly quashed the reports, alleging that the actress didn’t even know the singer personally. According to someone who spoke with, “I’ve heard about the relationship rumours a few times. But, as far as I’m aware, she isn’t even acquainted with Jungkook. I’ve questioned her about SUGA previously, and she’s said she’s heard of it.”
He went on to say, “She merely laughed when I asked her about the dating rumours. She was giggling because it was clearly untrue.”

Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi have both refuted the rumour, alleging that the reports are “baseless and incorrect.”
This is just another occasion in which members of the BTS band have been subjected to false rumours. V had previously been linked to the daughter of a hotelier. He was also linked to BLACKPINK’s Jennie when he followed her on Instagram by accident.

V and BTS’ management firm are said to be considering tougher measures against individuals circulating false and malicious rumours. While V stated that he will sue a YouTuber for making false charges, Big Hit Music announced in June that it will sue the writers of malicious posts comprising libellous, abusive, false, and malicious content directed towards BTS members. The label took legal action to ensure that severe controls were implemented, and it promised to step up legal action against individuals who continue to propagate damaging content.



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