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Kal Penn comes out as gay and surprises everyone by sharing his wedding plans with Josh.

Penn, one of the most unmistakable Indian-American entertainers in Hollywood, imparted his story in a meeting to the CBS Sunday Morning program while advancing his new tell-all diary, “You Can’t Be Serious”. Kal Penn is an actor and comedian who has come out as gay and has uncovered that he is locked into Josh, his accomplice of 11 years, with whom he is arranging a wedding.

Kal Penn Actor Parents Reaction On Sexuality

In the recent interview with the People, Kal Penn actor spills the beans and discusses how his parents reacted to be being gay, what are his marriage plans and much more. It is breaking news as he has been in the industry for so long, and the fans were quite surprised with his wedding plans. The actor also mentions that other people discover their sexuality early compared to him. Most people get to know about their sexuality during teenage or after teenage, while he found it very late. He also mentioned that there is no timeline for this stuff. People can get to know about themselves, their sexuality and different phases of their life. The most important thing for him is that at least he did come to know about it. 

Kal Penn
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The main reaction that most individuals get worried about is how their parents would react to it. Thankfully Kal Penn’s parents were not against it, and he felt “very supported”.  The namesake actor first shared the news with his parents and friends. The 44-year-old actor also mentions that everything comes easy when you inform your Indian parents and the south Indian community about becoming an actor for a living. They understand. It is a wonderful thing that they supported and felt connected. He further says that breaking down such news to parents is different to everyone he had been fortunate to so far. 

Kal Penn Wife

Kal Penn wife

Kal Penn talks about his wedding plans where he tells more about his already an engaged man and all his families will be there for the wedding. The most important question is what kind of wedding they want, whether they want a small or big fat wedding. Kal Penn and Josh have different takes on the wedding as Kal Penn loves a big Indian wedding, but on the other hand, Josh hates attention. Josh is more like a quick twenty-minute wedding with the families, and it’s done. So proper planning is required. 

Kal Penn TV Shows

kal Penn actor became famous after doing a series of films like he was the star of House, Designated Survivor, the Harold And Kumar film series. 1998’s short film Express: Aisle To Glory was Kal Penn’s presentation project as an entertainer. He also got featured in The Girl In The Photographs, Speech And Debate, to give some examples. He has also included summing up jobs in sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, among others. He additionally went through two years working in the White House for the Barack Obama organization.


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