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Kamalpreet Kaur makes Nation proud by entering into the finals of women discus throw in Olympics 2021

Kamalpreet Kaur becomes the first Indian female to set a new record in the discus throw with an attempt of 65.06 m. She has a new national record now and also with her performance she made many Indians proud. Her amazing performance in the women’s discus throw qualification gained her a lot of fame for sure and at the same time, her best throw was 64 m which made everyone sit up and notice her. Her record of 64 m got her into the final round and she got the direct qualification mark for the finals in the women’s discus throw. 

Among two athletes she was the one who hit the direct qualification mark of 64 m in the field of 31 and her final round is set on August 2nd for which many Indian fans are waiting eagerly. The last record-holder Krishna Poonia who gave an amazing performance 9 years back in London Olympics 2012 with a throw of 60 3.6 to m in the discus throw event. She finished sixth with a throw of the previous record and today Kamalpreet Kaur sets a new one. 

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This new achievement in the Indian woman athlete’s history is amazing and India is looking forward to the next performance in the final event. Not only this achievement by Kamalpreet is rare but also the fact that she has not much previous experience in the Olympics is hitting the headlines.

It was Kamalpreet’s third and final attempt where she threw the discus at 64m which results and uplifting her entire performance.

What Virend Poonia has to say?

Virendra Poonia who is a very famous Dronacharya award-winning athletics coach speaks about Kamalpreet’s performance by pressing her. He has also given training to his wife Krishna Poonia and now he speaks about rookie Kamalpreet along with veteran Seema saying that their former stands a chance to finish on the podium and she might even win the medal. 

He says that if Kamalpreet keeps repeating what she did in India and touches the distance of 66.5 9 metres then she sure has a great chance of winning the medal for the country. He also says that Kamalpreet has been improving continuously and her journey from setting a national record in March with a throw of 65.06 m to set that record in the month of June with 66.59 m is very much encouraging and shows a positive sign too. 

Well, the Punjabi girl surely has a lot more pressure now as she has made her entrance in the finals, and also she becomes the first Indian female discus thrower who crosses 65 m at the federation cup. She set a new record by breaking the record of Indian Grand Prix 4 where she threw the disc as far as 66.59 metres for which she got many praises.



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