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Job applicant lists Google as a skill on his CV and gets an interview.

CVs or resumes usually represent our personality in a professional way. It also helps to show the skills that we possess. Our CVs should always be brilliant so that we can get our desired job.

But nowadays we come across a lot of interesting and quite funny CVs, shared by people looking for their favorite jobs. CVs are the main thing that highlights the job applicant’s special skills, but some CVs can also be funny enough. Whether it’s the Amazon resume that went viral in 2013 or Benedict Le Gauche’s honest CV, literally netizens have enjoyed every hilarious CV that has gone viral. Funny CVs will always entertain us for sure.

Well, recently a job applicant’s CV has gone viral, because of a certain skill he mentioned in his resume. The tweet of the interviewer has gone so viral and has taken the internet.

The Twitter user named Cat McGee shared “Got a CV today and the guy literally listed one of his skills as ‘googling’,” ” we’re interviewing him”.

It’s quite hilarious that the candidate added that one of his main skills is googling. The tweet got so much attention and went viral soon and has received 1.8 lakhs likes and has received several reactions from netizens. The netizens have also shared their own experiences while some of them have equated it to researching skills.

Some netizens gave the perfect description of googling as a skill that is not so easy, and how certain people use proper keywords and phrases to google something. Some netizens said that Googling is something that many brilliant workers cannot do. While some netizens have shared many CVs which listed quite funny things in their hobbies section.

One netizen asked whether it was just for the sake of posting on Twitter or the interviewer is actually interviewing him. For this McGee replied that the tweet was not just for the sake of Twitter but they are actually interviewing him because the CV was quite good.

One says that Googling is an ability to find and verify the right information while the other says that it is an underrated skill. Well, now this skill has sparked a debate among the netizens whether this skill is actually useful or not.

Here are some of the responses given by netizens:

  • “I think you are being too hard on him, this writing Google means that he doesn’t know anything?”
  • Web developer Vince Aggripino said “yes. CV is where you put skills which are the most relevant and interesting for the role. Since everyone has “googling”, it shouldn’t be there any more than “English alphabet”
  • “Putting it there means the candidate didn’t have enough skills so they fill the space with the joke”
  • “it’s a basic skill. I wouldn’t put “makes good omelets” on mine, but I can, they’re really good”
  • “Googling is actually an essential skill for any profession dealing with coding. If you ask colleagues how to write a block of code that is readily available on the internet they WILL give you a hard time”
  • “You would be surprised how many people can’t properly Google”
  • “I’m not talking about technical use of browsers and Google. I am talking about writing the proper keywords excluding some or try and test different phrases”
  • “Honestly I have worked with amazing engineers that can’t Google, once they get stuck they don’t know how to unblock because they don’t know how to Google their problem”
  • “Nevertheless, writing down “googling” instead of “solution-oriented” talks a lot about their own conception of skills.”
  • “Honestly it is such an important skill to know how to do it right. I wish this seemingly obvious skill was more normalized”
  • “Knowing how to look for information on the internet is an incredibly valuable skill. I am consistently surprised at the emails I get from customers asking basic questions they could get answers to by a quick Google search”

These are some of the most famous responses which led to a sparkling debate on whether Googling is a valuable skill or not. Just a random tweet by Cat McGee led to an actual serious discussion about the skills that one should value.



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