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Know about Krisha Shah! Age, Bio, Husband, Net worth and more

Krisha Shah (1993-1995, age 27-29) is a famous and well-known entrepreneur and social worker. She is a celebrity partner and is a famous personality on the internet. She is also a writer and belongs from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is well known in India as she is to be the wife of the famous Indian entrepreneur son, Anmol Ambani. The news of Krisha and Anmol Ambani getting engaged in a private ceremony in December 2021 got viral in January 2022.

People started speculations on their engagement in December 2021. Many celebrities congratulate the couple. The family confirmed the date in January 2022. If we talk about Krisha’s profession, let us tell you that she is the co-founder of networking company Dysco. In the company, she advocates the #love, not a fear program. This is a mental health program advocated by her.

In addition to this Krisha shows a great interest in writing. She wrote about her own story too. She has also shared many of her works on her business website. This shows her interest in writing and inclusion in all other fields.

Biodata of Krisha Shah:

Krisha is a reserved person about her personal life. Not much information is mentioned about her on the internet. As a result, her date of birth is not mentioned anywhere. See also remains far away from LimeLight and maintains a distance from social media apps. But according to some websites, Krisha Shah was born between 1993 to 1995, as a result, her age is between 27 to 29 years old. She mentioned that she belongs from Mumbai Maharashtra in one of her articles.

To complete her education she lived in the United Kingdom and the United States for some time. For further studies, she flew abroad after completing basic education. She completed a major in political economy from the University of California. Also, she completed a minor in Italian studies from the same university. She completed a master’s degree in social policy and development from the London School of economics. To secure a perfect job she took many internships and attended workshops. But she was unable to do so because she got influenced by entrepreneurship. 

Caste and nationality:

She is close to her family as she has written a complete article on her mom. She shares a strong bond with her mom. According to some reports homework, a fashion designer later quit her job. Changes herself and some more interesting works. For now, her mom is a well-known Indian history teacher and also a sleep therapist. She is a nutritionist, beautician, yoga specialist, and many more. Her father is a businessman and she reveals that she wanted to become like him. She has two siblings, one sister, and one brother. Her brother’s name is Mishal Shah, the entrepreneur, and co-founder of Dysco. But the name of her sister is not known yet. Krisha believes in Hinduism and Indian nationality. As per reports she belongs to garhwali and kumaoni caste.

Krisha Shah husband and wedding details:

As mentioned earlier Shah has not been open about her personal life. But as per some reports, Krisha is in a relationship with Anmol Ambani. He is a well-known entrepreneur. The couple has not said anything about their relationship. Nothing got disclosed on the social media platforms. But as per the reports the couple got engaged in December 2021. Later disclosed by the family in January 2022. Many celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan congratulated the couple through social media handles. Tina Ambani Shayad a post on Instagram on 1st January 2022 to inform that the couple got engaged. The engagement was a private ceremony and invited only family members. There is no information on their wedding yet.

Career and profession:

Krisha Shah is a multi-talented and intelligent girl. According to her articles, she wanted to become an entrepreneur in her childhood days. She wanted to become just like her father. She also influenced the bye teaching. But she again wanted to complete the childhood dream. she wanted to become a businesswoman during her graduation. Along with brother Mishal Shah, she founded her own company named “Dysco.”

Now if you are wondering what Dysco is, let us tell you. This is a social networking site that is useful for creative collaborations. This is also used for International networking and for building up a community.

Besides being an entrepreneur, she also spends her time being a social worker. She works for Love Not Fear. Love not fear is a mental health program. This program helps people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other problems. In addition to all this, she spends her time as a writer too. She loves to write her blogs. She usually writes about her family, mom, struggles, career, life, and much more.

Net worth, house, and cars collection:

She lives a lavish lifestyle with family members. She lives in a beautiful house which is decorated with vibrant accessories. The house is filled with plants and fairy lights which look beautiful. She also brought some paintings in order to hang on room walls. Overall her own room looks so beautiful and she loves to keep that clean.

Well talking about her car collection she owns some of the branded cars. But she never opened up about it. The photos are not showcased via any social media platforms. The sources of income are our business and her content writing. Not so much information is found on the Internet regarding her net worth. It can be roughly said that Krisha Shah’s net worth is USD 3-4 crores approx.

Here are some facts that you need to know about Krisha Shah:

  • She shared that her weakness is getting stressed easily. She wants to overcome it
  • She shared that she handles marketing and strategies in business at a good pace
  • She likes to travel to various countries. Norway, Thailand, and Costa Rica the some of a favorites
  • During her leisure time, she loves to read books and novels
  • She does not have an account on social media platforms
  • She loves to spend more time with friends
  • She has also excelled in biology, English, and commercial applications
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Sneha Sivakumar
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