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Given anime season 2: All you need to know

Given is one of the most well-known anime. This anime series was initially adapted from a Japanese manga series. The Japanese Manga series was originally written by Natsuki Kizu. The Anime was also licensed by Crunchyroll and it was originally released on Fuji TV. This animal falls under the category of BL drama and romance genre. The anime aired weekly from July 11 2019 to September 19th, 2019. The first season was fully created by Lerche studios.

The first season was successful and had a huge fan base. Thus fans are now waiting for season 2. Lerche studios have also produced other animations. Astra lost in space and toilet bound Hanako-Kun were some of them. These anime were also quite successful. Well, currently fans are waiting for the second season of their favorite anime. But the question is, “whether the series got renewed for a second season?”

What storyline can we expect in season 2?

The series came to an end and the show had a finale as soon as all the characters were happy. This left many fans curious and left with many questions. But in the next season, we can expect a deep look into the relationship of Mafuyu and Uenoyama.

The Anime’s first season had 11 episodes. All the episodes were also filled with excitement and gained many fans. And it seems like there will be a season 2. There are chances that we may also see what will happen between Aki and Haruki. We will not disclose it so much as we want to avoid spoilers.

Will there be a second season of “Given”?

It was also announced earlier that the anime will get a final movie. This anticipated movie was then released on August 22, 2020. But there is another issue here. The curiosity of the second season among fans is increasing. But currently, there is no such news regarding renewal for the second season. There is no official announcement either from the studios or the Manga publisher. Both remain silent on the matter.

The movie deals with the relationship between Haruki and Akihiko. The movie is a sequel and deals with the second arc of the manga. So as a result, we may have to wait for a while for the second season of the anime, which will be a sequel again. And you may know that it may take years for the approval of the second season. So, everything is going well for Given for now. Will the anime get approval for a new season? Let’s dive into deeper factors to find so.

What is the current Manga status of the Anime?

We have mentioned earlier that this anime is fully adapted from Manga. The Manga is amazingly written and illustrated by Natsuki Kizu. The Manga started publishing on April 30, 2013. The Manga series was initially published in Cheri+ magazine.


This manga series is still ongoing today. This is good for anime adoption as it produces the necessary source materials. There are over 6 volumes in total in the Manga. The latest volume of the Manga got released in August 2020.

The first season of the Anime adapted up to the 15th Chapter of the Manga. While on the other hand, the movie adopted up to the 28th chapter of the Manga. And it is noticeable that volume 28 coincides with volume 5 of Manga. And overall there are six volumes published.

Clear that the sources are not enough for a new season. Tera some chapters left that are not in volume format. The Manga series is also still ongoing. So you have to wait longer for the release to collect enough source material. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible as the Manga continues.

Know about the popularity of the series!

The animal must make its producers financially happy to see a new season. The sales of the anime’s disc were not so good. But let’s say that it was not so bad either. In the first volume, it sold 3414 units. If we consider the decline in Blu-ray sales in recent years, it remains below the targets. But the decision of the second season does not fully depend on this. 

To look at the popularity of a series online Google searches are the best. You have a look at the Google searches to see the series popularity. So if you have a look at it then it has been quite searched enough to deserve a new season.

The Twitter handle of the anime has more than 200k followers. It is usually said that 100K followers are usually considered the threshold. So by looking at all of these factors the popularity is quite huge. The current popularity of the Anime is actually enough to release a new season. The anime does not have a big distributor like Netflix. But it seems there will be no financial problems. All thanks go to additional income it generates from live-action stage play and movie

Let’s have a look at the Google searches to see the anime’s worldwide popularity. As per some reports, the anime got searched up enough to deserve a new season. On Twitter, the anime has more than 200k followers. 100k is usually considered the threshold.

The current popularity of the anime is enough for a new season. On the other hand, it does not have a big distributor like Netflix yet. But still, there will be no financial problem. Thanks to the additional income it generates from live-action, stage play, and the movie.

The popularity on various platforms:

Popularity on Myanimelist: 84%

Popularity on Social Media: 93%

Popularity on Google Searches: 80%

Success in Disc Sales: 74%

Positive points:

The Anime has got amazing Reviews, which are 8.35 on MA and 8.4 on IMDb.

The anime has gained much popularity

The Manga series is still ongoing

The producers get additional Income with Live-Action, Stage Play, Movie.

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