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Know what our desi roti is being called on Twitter. Indian netizens are left speechless

Indian food is famous worldwide because of its unique taste and all the different spices that we add along with amazing ingredients in our Indian dishes. Many Indian restaurants around the globe are famous because of the amazing traditional delicious cuisines that most people always tend to fall in love with. Well, another factor that makes the Indian dishes so renowned is all of its diversity, flavors, and creativity. 

We can often see many people trying out several dishes, especially the famous Indian curries on several social media platforms and they often started to make it most easily and quickly so that everyone can enjoy the taste of Indian food. Maybe it is a flavourful curry or any sort of chicken or meat dish, the one thing that we Indians love to have all of them is with rotis. Roti is an Indian type of bread that is hugely famous. So, when a picture of the most famous soft desi roti being called a “balloon bread” our desi audience went completely crazy. 


This is why this particular post on social media is taking the internet by storm. Renowned Italian food channel called the desi Indian rotis as a balloon bread and obviously, the desi Twitter users couldn’t stay calm after knowing about this news. In the viral picture, one can easily find a snippet from an Italian food channel called Cookist. It consists of our Indian food roti which is being described as balloon bread. When you look at the instructions you can find that all the instructions are written with the ingredients and the bread typically does look like our desi roti. 

As per the caption of the post, the viral post said “Just mix flour, warm water, warm milk, oil, and dry yeast. The result will leave you speechless.” Ever since this post showing the recipe of the balloon bread which is so similar and typically resembles our Indian Desi Rotis is available online, it is spreading over several social media platforms as a wildfire. The crazy viral post that has been uploaded recently online has got so viral that it has got more than 17,000 likes. 

Netizens especially all the Indian social media users who came across this post are in splits. Well, they also completely went crazy in the comment section of the post as they flooded the comment box with hilarious analogies and reacted uniquely. A Twitter account user was seen commenting “Next they’ll be calling ghee, cow oil.” Well, also in the comment section of the post and other social media users comment “Wow, I am speechless.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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