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Know who will be the new cast member of Circle NYC Season 5?

On the fifth season of the web series The Circle NYC, the recording artist for hip-hop and neo-pop Prince Derek Doll debuts in a reality/documentary. Prince Derek Doll, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, who currently resides in Newark, is one of a number of LGBTQ+ creatives, businesspeople, and influencers who have chosen to live in the New York City region and have opened out about their problems and abilities to the public.

Prince Derek Doll has experience in the public eye. The multifaceted entertainer grabbed positions on best dressed and non-conforming lists after making an eye-catching entrance on the 2019 MTV VMA Red Carpet, placing higher than more well-known acts.

His choice of attire caught the attention of several best-dressed lists, including Essence and GQ, when he arrived at his official function as a media personality for The Newark Times. For the upcoming fifth season of “The Circle NYC,” I am incredibly thrilled to join the cast, says Prince Derek Doll.

The chance to share my story, music, and advocacy on the Our View TV platform is a significant one. I invite them to join me on the path to my individual Trophy Season as I am one of the millions of small-town guys who dare to dream higher.”

Chad Bailey, Prince Derek Doll, King Klei, Angel Cartel, and Geo Glam are members of the Season 5 cast of The Circle NYC, from left to right. As the first openly bisexual performer at Lincoln Park Music Festival’s Hip Hop Culture Day in 2019, the Neo-Pop singer-songwriter who released his debut EP “GOLDRUSH” in 2012 made history.

The MTV Video Music Awards red carpet was then where Prince Derek made his debut in front of the world’s media. His choice of attire surprisingly earned him spots on multiple best-dressed lists, including those published by Essence, GQ Australia, USA Today, and Vogue, while he was there in his formal capacity as an interviewer for The Newark Times.

By releasing “BANG” to streaming services and then having a 3-page spread in the February/March 2020 issue of Out in Jersey magazine, Derek stunned his audience with brand-new songs last year.

Prince Derek was chosen 2020 Creative of the Year by Artistic Passion & Purpose in honor of his services to the local community and the creative arts industry. He made a stunning stage comeback in October 2021 with a 30-minute mix of songs from his past, present, and prospective albums, including the summer anthem “CHOP.”

He is putting a lot of effort into putting together a quality music project, new products, and even more live productions than in past years for his fans, known as “The DollBrigade,” for whom he has just created a creative team.


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