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Why Kody’s Daughter Reacts to Fan Rumor That He Was Seen Kissing Stepdaughter, 19 ?

Gwendlyn Brown, a star of Sister Wives, dispelled the allegation that her father, Kody Brown, 53, had sex with Aurora Brown, his 19-year-old stepdaughter. On her YouTube recap of a recent Sister Wives show on January 11, Gwendlyn, the daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, 50, was questioned by a fan about this story.
This question is hilarious. And horrible,” reacted Gwendlyn when she learned that a fan had inquired about the veracity of pictures purporting to show Kody kissing Aurora, Robyn Brown’s off-again child. But Gwendlyn cleared everything up and insisted that the photos are fake.
No, my father doesn’t kiss his kids that way, Gwendlyn said. “Like obviously since we’re kids we give him a little kiss, but no, not at all,” she said. I’m sorry you were led to believe that. What a horrible thing. I also want to apologize to you, the fan. I’m sorry as well.


Kody formally adopted Aurora, a child of Robyn and her ex-husband David Jessop, when he wed her mother in 2014. Kody also adopted Breanna and David, who were Aurora’s siblings. Following his breakups with Christine, Janelle Brown, 53, and Meri Brown, 51, Robyn is currently Kody’s lone wife.
The primary plot in season 17 of Christine and Kody’s reality program was their separation. Christine made the decision to leave her polygamous family in Arizona and relocate to Utah. Christine’s kids, particularly Gwendlyn, have been incredibly supportive of her choice to dissolve her marriage to Kody.
During the Sister Wives one-on-one special, Janelle announced that she and Kody were no longer together. After her 30-year marriage came to an end, Janelle claimed to be “very happy.” In another segment of the episode, Meri, who wed Kody in 1990, stated that he has “decided” that they are no longer wed.
Kody has 18 kids total between his three ex-wives, his current spouse, and themselves. Despite all of this continuous familial conflict, he and Robyn, who was given legal married status in 2014, have maintained a low profile.

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