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Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation : Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation, the newest in a line of Lego Star Wars TV specials that also includes Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales, will be available on Disney+ in August if you find your lack of summertime antics alarming. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, the Galactic Emperor of the Nerds, makes an appearance, and the voice actors from both the original movies and the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars contribute to this cheerfully irreverent yet unexpectedly heartwarming take on the popular franchise that is sure to please both children and adults.

This summertime comedy is a force to be reckoned with, whether you’re a Star Wars buff, a lover of the Lego video game series, or just looking for some goofy cartoon fun between trips to the beach and chasing the ice cream van. It would help if you watched this show.

Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation: The Movie Release date

On August 5, 2022, Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation will launch exclusively on Disney+. There is currently no information regarding a physical release. Still, given that earlier films in the same series have been made available on DVD and Blu-ray, it seems probable that Summer Vacation will follow suit. The future is continuously in motion.

The cast of Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation: The Movie  

Three actors from the original cast of the Star Wars franchise have joined the voice cast of Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation. The legendary Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando Calrissian in the first and second Star Wars trilogies, is first up. He has also voiced Two-Face in several previous Lego movies, including the well-liked The Lego Batman Movie. Anthony Daniels, a favorite among fans who played C-3PO in all three trilogies and almost all other Star Wars films to date, will be joining him. He narrated the television series Dirigible Days, one of his non-Star Wars credits.

Other members:

Last but not least is the incredibly gifted Kelly Marie Tran, who provides the voice for Rose Tico, the role that made her a star. Other than portraying Rose, Tran is best known for providing the voice of Raya in Raya and the Last Dragon, in addition to voicing Rose in the sequel trilogy. Not all Star Wars veterans were invited to the performance. James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, and Matt Lanter, who provided the voices in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, all collaborated on this project. In addition to voicing Klaus in American Dad, Baker portrayed Captain Rex in The Clone Wars and will play Boba Fett in Summer Vacation.

Also, addition to repeating his role as Anakin Skywalker in The Clone Wars, Lanter provided the voice talent for the title character in DC Showcase: Blue Beetle. In the DC TV series Young Justice, Taylor has played various characters, including The Flash. He is repeating his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Helen Sadler (Love, Death & Robots), Jake Green (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts), and Paul F. Thompkins are among the additional cast members (Star Trek: Lower Decks). ‘Weird Al Yankovic, whose cameos have appeared in Robot Chicken and Bill & Ted Face the Music, completes the cast.

The plot of Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation: The Movie  

Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation is primarily a family comedy about how vacations frequently don’t go as planned. According to author and producer David Shayne:

“I don’t know how all your vacations went, but my family vacations have often gone a little awry. That’s going to happen to them, maybe.”

Finn’s story will revolve around this; he has a strong emotional attachment to this summer break because his pals will soon leave him. But maybe he’ll learn to let go of what he fears losing with the help of some Force ghosts. Palpatine’s secondary storyline, in which he struggles to let go of his position as Emperor, essentially seems to serve as comic relief, but who knows? Perhaps the Emperor will also pick up some endearing lessons.


The scenario begins with Finn, Rey, Poe, and C-3PO aboard a spacecraft traveling to a nameless planet. When they land and Finn declares the expedition’s goal is to have fun, it suddenly seems like a solemn mission with Finn in charge. We see various crew pictures having fun, dancing, and relaxing. And is that Darth Vader standing next to a row of lounge chairs? Yes, it is, and Ben Solo and Palpatine are both present. Thus, the series continuity in this video lasted less than 30 seconds before blowing up like the Death Star, but that’s Lego Star Wars for you.

Finn is currently experiencing some sadness about the impending end of the summer and the enjoyable experiences he had with his family. He makes Force ghost Obi-Wan Kenobi his new companion, doubts the reality, and starts to figure out how to enjoy summer while it lasts. Darth Vader strains with being stuck with his picky Emperor as C-3PO struggles to get into the summer holiday atmosphere. But when a curiously familiar beach performer announces a competition whose winner will be crowned beach king, Palpatine cheers up! Pictures of Ben Solo piloting his father’s prized Millenium Falcon and Admiral Ackbar taking heat for his lone memorable phrase are all left.


What periods is Lego Star Wars 3 based on?

All the characters from the first two seasons of the massively famous animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars are present in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, along with a few fan favorites from the cherished theatrical Star Wars Saga.

For how long will there be Lego Star Wars?

The LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game lasts roughly 18 hours when you concentrate on the primary goals. It will probably take 8412 hours to complete a game if you endeavor to see every facet of it.

Exists a Lego Star Wars film?

The film is Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Will the Skywalker saga include The Clone Wars?

For instance, Star Wars: The Clone Wars hasn’t been in it yet. However, given that The Bad Batch and the Mandalorian are both parts of the Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition, additional DLC may be out. In addition, there will be a tonne of new Star Wars shows.


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