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Little boy salutes a man in uniform at Bengaluru airport, and netizens are loving it!

Social media and the internet are indeed a treasure for adorable videos of kids doing hilarious things and also some heartwarming gestures. We often come across many videos of such kids who show their innocence either through a hilarious or a really good gesture towards people. Recently one such video of a kid showing a heartwarming gesture is winning the internet, any two things are in love with the video and the kid.

Recently, an amazing and heartwarming video of a little boy is spreading on the internet at a fast pace. In the video, the little boy was seen saluting a security official at the Bengaluru airport and since the video has gone viral on social media it has prompted a response from many netizens which also including Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar. 

In the 29 second clip which has gone viral, the 4-year-old boy, reportedly known as Veer, and his father Arjun were walking hand in hand towards the airport. The boy then noticed the CISF Jawan on duty. As soon as we spotted the CISF officer he paused for a moment, turned to face the Jawan, and then he raised his hand to salute the security official. Well, the security office seemed to be amazed by the random gesture made by the boy. The CISF personnel, who was seen standing inside a vehicle, raised his hand so that he could salute the boy in response. There was a huge smile on the official’s face while saluting back, as the song Teri mitti from the movie Kesari plays in the background.

According to the report of News 18, the video was shared by the boy’s father, and it was circulated through many netizens. V clip got more recognition when it was reached by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar. As the Union Minister shared the video, he wrote a caption that reads, “At #Bengaluru airport – a young Indian snaps off a salute to our men in uniform. Respect and patriotism are learned young.” The video has gained more than 23k likes and a lot of comments. The video was also retweeted by a Twitter user named Abhishek Kumar Jha, and according to him this video was captured by one of his friends and it has also got a lot of recognition by netizens.

A Twitter user wrote, “It’s a proud moment for Indians and all parents need to teach their child the same values so that they can know our defense force’s sacrifice and love they are devoting day and night only fighting for our safety.” 

Another one commented, “Whole nation should be proud of this kid’s gesture. I salute this kid and wonder what thoughts might have been running through this kid’s mind which prompted him to salute the security.”

Yet another user wrote, “The soldier watches with curiosity when he sees the salute.. even in his vehicle he gets into attention and salutes back, Wow!! Discipline.” A user even spotted that the security personnel in the driver’s seat saluted back and wrote, “Look at the driver seat, he also responded with a salute.”

As many appreciated the boy and we’re talking about the personnel’s amazed and happy expression, netizens also appreciated the parents who have brought up the child in a very good manner.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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