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Little girl does an amazing dance performance after an ice-cream seller plays a prank, watch here!

The Internet is filled with a lot of adorable videos of kids having their fun time and entertaining other people too. Well, these videos orally never fail to impress us and they also entertain us at the same time as the kids enjoy the time. When videos are shared on the internet every video of the kids gets a lot of love from all the netizens out there as it somehow makes their day better. The videos get viral as the adorable kids show their cuteness and innocence in the video. Similarly, one such video of a little girl has been winning hearts on the internet and will also make your day even more better. 

So this little girl has won many hearts online as she showcased her cuteness with her dancing moves. Well according to the video it can be seen that after an ice-cream seller flipped ice cream from her reach, she can be seen in the video dancing to the music playing in what appears to be a mall, as seen in a viral video.

So in the video, at first the adorable girl can be seen asking the seller for ice cream, and as part of a prank, the ice-cream seller flips an ice cream cone from the girl’s reach. Well if you hear closely, you can hear the music playing in the background. After the ice-cream seller pulled out this hilarious prank on her, it was very surprising to see that, instead of getting disappointed, the little girl decided to steal the show with her moves, and it was way too adorable and amazing. In sync with the background song, the girl dances with full energy, and passers-by too did not miss the chance and enjoyed her little performance. In the video, the ice cream seller seems to be quite impressed with her. He leaves the store and comes in front to watch the girl’s performance, and in addition to this, he also joins her with a few moves and kisses on her forehead. Well, it seems that the video was shot inside a mall.

The video was shared by Susanta Nanda, Indian Forest Service officer, and the video has gone viral. It has gained over 2 lakh views so far. “Melted my heart. Such innocence,” Nanda wrote as the caption of the video. It was shared on December 6.

Many users found the video full of cuteness and commented how adorable the girl is. “Soooo sweet of you little angel dear. The day-long tiresome Gone just like that. Long live my dear little angel,” commented a Twitter user. Well, the netizens were quite impressed with her cute little moves and appreciated her for not being disappointed and instead enjoying the moment with a small dance. The video has been getting viral across all social media platforms since December 6 and still the comments and the lights are increasing day by day. 

This adorable video was earlier shared by Awanish Sharan, who is an IAS officer.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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