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Season 3 of Love, Victor: release date, cast, trailer, and breaking news

Season 2 of Love, Victor has been out for a while now, but let me say that I still have FEELINGS about it. You’d think it’d be a long build to the season’s stunning conclusion with all of these episodes, but no. Hulu did precisely that, making us fall even more in love with Victor (Michael Cimino) and his super beautiful lover Benji (George Sear) than we previously did. Is there a ship name for the two yet? BRB, I need to come up with something.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the Love, Victor Season 3, why not?—here’s a quick recap of where the programme left off.

Victor is now out, proud, and appears to be happy in his relationship with Benji, thanks to the help of one Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) from the previous school year. But what about his personal life? That’s a disaster. There’s a lot of healing to be done there, what with his parents’ divorce and Victor’s coming to terms with his sexuality. Despite being a basketball star at Creekwood High, he’s increasingly finding that his teammates don’t accept his openly gay existence.

Victor has a lot on his plate, and he’ll need some assistance to get through it all.

Anyway, now that season 2 is officially over, fans are eager to learn everything there is to know about Love, Victor Season 3. Here’s what we know so far about what viewers will be able to see.

Love, Victor Season 3:

It appears that we’ll be returning to Creekwood for another exciting semester! Love, Victor has been renewed for a third season, which means we’ll finally find out what occurred in the season 2 finale. Just when you thought you’d made it through the wait, the show released a special recap trailer that makes us even more curious about who’s behind the door.

Meanwhile, I think you should start watching the show from the beginning. Or maybe you should re-watch Love, Simon? Both sound appealing to me.

Love, Victor Season 3 release date

You’ll want to sit down for this because the Love, Victor Season 3 and final (yes, last) season will be released on June 15. The group gathered together for an excellent little game to celebrate the news, but that doesn’t make the big announcement any less heartbreaking.

Love, Victor Season 3 trailer

Yes, and we wished the Love, Victor Season 3 was already over. Just when we thought Victor would have to choose between Rahim and Benji, it appears that someone new has arrived in town and has caught Victor’s attention. Meanwhile, some new relationships are forming, and given the history of this group, things are bound to become interesting. You’ll want to watch to see for yourself, we promise.

Love, Victor season 3 plot:

Honestly? After the second season’s events, there’s a lot to unpack. What is the state of Victor and Benji’s relationship now that all of the turmoil surrounding their relationship has come to a head? Will Victor and his mother eventually come to terms with the fact that he is gay? What about the other Creekwood gang members? Pilar needs some affection right now, while Mia is still adjusting to her new role as stepdaughter/soon-to-be sister. And then there was the conclusion! I’m not one to give away plot twists, however… BENJI AND VICTOR MUST STAY TOGETHER! 

We won’t know any details until Hulu decides to reveal them, but for now, the cast and crew appear ecstatic to be venturing into unknown terrain for teen LGBTQ+.

“There’s so much love there, but there’s also so much that they have to work through,” creator/showrunner Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly in June 2021. “And it’s not a story that we’re wrapping up quickly. We tried really hard not to take the easy way out and to live in that complicated gray area.”

Given the show’s name, I believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Michael Cimino (Victor) will return for Love, Victor Season 3. You can’t have Victor without his love Benji. Therefore George Sear will make an appearance as well. What is high school without friends and family, after all? As a result, Anthony Turpel (Felix), Rachel Hilson (Mia), Mason Gooding (Andrew), Bebe Wood (Lake), Isabella Ferreira (Pilar), Mateo Fernandez (Adrian), James Martinez (Armando Salazar), and Ana Ortiz (Isabel Salazar) will almost certainly accompany Michael on another teen adventure.

In terms of new characters, can we expect to see them onscreen? We have no idea.

However, with the storylines branching out in so many different directions, I believe we can safely predict that some new characters will join the group and shake up Victor’s life. Of course, none of this bothers us.


For several characters, notably Mia and Andrew, the future is uncertain. They went on a road trip to meet Mia’s mother, but there’s no question they’ll be returning in Love, Victor Season 3 for more. Meanwhile, Victor has decided to quit seeking guidance from Simon, leaving us to wonder if our favourite homosexual sherpa will return. Aside from that, it appears like all of our favourites will be returning in Love, Victor Season 3.

New Cast in Love, Victor season 3?

Yes! On Thursday, March 3, Deadline announced that actor Nico Greetham had joined the cast of Love, Victor in a recurring role for the final season. He’ll portray Nick, a church-going friend of Victor’s.

Among other projects, Greetham has been in American Horror Story, The Prom, and Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel. The actor expressed his delight at the news on his Instagram story, writing: “love you @lovevictorhulu.”


Isabel appears at Brasstown Coffee in the season finale, apologising to Benji for her actions and telling him that she’s never seen Victor “throw more of himself into anything” than their relationship. He goes to Mia’s (Rachel Hilson) father’s wedding to surprise Victor, only to find him dancing with Rahim. He goes away irritated, doubting Victor’s desire to stay with him.

Why did Victor pick Benji? Victor’s first love, Benji, helps Victor understand who he is and what he wants to be. Despite their many difficulties in Season 2, their love for each other is evident. If they are meant to be, they will undoubtedly fight for it.


Love, Victor Season 3 has how many episodes?

There will be eight episodes in the third season.

What is the release date and time for Love, Victor season 3?

Love, Victor Season 3 will premiere in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at 8 a.m. GMT.

Will Love, Victor Season 3 be the final season?

Yes, Love, Victor season 3 will be the series’ final season, confirmed.

Is there a Love, Victor Season 3 planned?

On June 15, the Love, Victor Season 3″ will launch on Hulu.

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