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Luke Bryan come to Katy Perry’s defense amidst backlash American Idol

Following a season of American Idol that had its fair share of ups and downs for judge Katy Perry, her fellow judge Luke Bryan has stepped up to support her.

Since the show’s revival in 2018, the Dark Horse singer has held a judging role, but during the recent season, she faced criticism from fans due to some of her comments directed towards contestants, with one incident drawing significant backlash.

During a recent interview, Bryan spoke highly of Perry, acknowledging that she is accustomed to handling negative attention. He was quoted by People as saying, “Katy Perry has been dealing with situations like this throughout her entire career. We all understand it. I mean, we’re evaluating individuals who capture the hearts of people watching at home. As judges, we won’t always get everything right.”

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The 46-year-old country star expressed his belief that he, Perry (38), and fellow judge Lionel Richie often find themselves in challenging positions as they have to provide criticism to contestants who are adored by viewers.

It has been reported that Perry faced backlash from viewers this season, which began during the audition phase when she made a joking remark to contestant Sara Beth Liebe, a mother of three, suggesting she had spent too much time on the table. In response, Liebe accused Perry of “mom-shaming” in a TikTok video and later decided to quit the competition. Despite Perry’s efforts to persuade her to stay, Liebe ultimately expressed gratitude towards the show.

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