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Man re- shares the tweet where he predicted Will Smith and Chris Rock incident back in 2016!

One of the most unexpected things that happened on the stage of the Oscars has left many social media users completely shocked. The biggest awards night in Hollywood is, for sure, the Oscars. Many people get amazing awards, stunning speeches given and The red carpet looks obtained. However, one of these unexpected things that happened in the event has left many people completely confused. Will Smith slapped the host Chris Rock in the show. 

So, it seems like Rock commented on Jada Pinkett Smith. One more amazing fact about this entire thing that happened at the Oscars is that one person talked about it in 2016. He said about Smith and Rock already, and now it is going very viral. “Will Smith has to punch Chris Rock in the face …. He has no choice,” Twitter user Jason said. The tweet was written on February 29, 2016, with no context.

The viral tweet:

The viral post has led to many Will Smith memes taking over the internet. After that Chris Rock slap moment, six years down the line, this tweet gets famous now. What happened at the Oscars that day was leaving people confused, thinking whether it was just all scripted or not. Jason shared his prophecy tweet once again, saying: “Well…”. As per the reports, Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairstyle. He also said that he was looking forward to a sequel to G.I. It Seems like Smith lost his cool and walked toward the stage. 

He unexpectedly left everyone shocked and somewhere thinking that it was all scripted when he slapped him. As #WhatJustHappened was trending worldwide, the audience was left behind, completely speechless. The audience at that moment was also left completely speechless because they were so confused by what had just happened. Talking about another 2016 tweet, it’s just started a heated exchange between the two stars. Now, the tweet started gaining attention from people around the globe, and they are left in a frenzy. Later, the social media user explained that it was about Rock making a joke about Smith’s wife. 

Well, the same thing also happened during the 2016 Oscars. Many social media users were also amused by his prophecy. Some even jokingly state that they should ask him “what stocks to buy.” Well, wondering if there were other predictions regarding that as well. Many other social media users could not stop them from sharing many jokes and memes related to it.  

Who is Will Smith’s wife?

Jada Koren Pinkett Smith is an American actress famous for her roles in A Different World and The Nutty Professor. She is also a singer and has acted in Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Resurrections, Gotham, Girls Trip, etc. Born on September 18, 1971, she is 50 years old and the mother of Jaden Smith and Willow Smith.

Talking about what happened at the Oscars, many people understood why Will Smith was like that. Some social media users also praise the ham for standing up for his wife. They were also others who thought that violence could have been avoided at that time. Will Smith also later apologized for being so angry while accepting the Oscars for Best Actor.

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